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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by suewatters1, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Oct 26, 2003

    (Ok, maybe, but in your case you might try to find one in a shop and have it vetted by having multiple people try it.)

    At your stage of the game, the ability to hit higher notes is not going to be dependent too much on the horn, it's going to be more about your level of development. Most players with developed chops might have to work a tad bit harder on a bad horn in the range from G to 2nd ledger C, and they will notice if a horn starts to close off or feel stuffy in the upper register, but a lesser developed player might never know the difference.

    For the amount of money you are looking to spend, finding a solid used student model horn from Getzen, Yamaha or Holton might be a decent way to go, and sometimes even an Olds Ambassador or King Cleveland student model might be decent horn to cut your teeth on.
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    Cornwall is a bit far from North Bay, but have no fear. I just checked Kijiji, and there are a few good trumpets available near you, like this one.
    Trumpet - Asking 125 | brass | Pembroke | Kijiji
    Don't worry about reaching the higher notes, concentrate on having a beautiful tone with the notes you can play. With proper daily practice , the higher notes will develop. If you can, find a teacher or mentor near you that can guide your learning.
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    I'll go against the grain and say that at this point, brand doesn't matter as long as it is a properly functioning trumpet. Cheap trumpets from the Pacific rim countries can range in quality from acceptable to really big paperweights. You may even want to consider a pocket trumpet in light of your hand issues. Most are lighter than a standard size trumpet and they are much easier to hold. A quick look at craigslist shows a very few horns available used in your price range. When I was in Toronto 3 years ago I noticed A LOT of pawn shops and in the China town section there were stores packed ceiling to floor with instruments. Some were good and some were not, so it would take a bit of effort to find a good one. I don't speak Chinese, so there was just a lot of smiling and nodding. :-)
    This cornet needs some work but it's only $40! It may be worth a look.

    Brass Trumpet - Evette and Schaeffer
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    And if you like, we can always start with a few skype lessons. PM me if you want to do that.
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    My best advice for a beginner would be an Olds Ambassador or a Yamaha 2320. Both horns were made with attention to Quality Control, and play freely. Best of luck to you, and enjoy the journey
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    Oct 26, 2003
    I agree with that 100%. I mentioned Getzen, Yamaha and Holton above because they are all brands that have decent reputations for making solid, dependable student model horns. With that said, there are some instruments coming out of China and Taiwan these days that are pretty solid, but you're going to be rolling the dice with some of them.
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    Pat, when I walked into those shops in Toronto's Chinatown, my palms started sweating despite the 8 degress F temp outside. Being close to where Bach used to be, I was thinking I might find a hidden gem. Nothing! Just piles of TSOs for the most part. Some of the cases where even "weathered" to look old. Time constraints kept me out of some promising looking pawn shops! :-(
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    Too bad this post came now - I was in Finch not too long ago. I helped a girl there with leukemia with some stem cells 8 years ago and she survived. I may come some time later this year for a wedding (her sisters), but there is no date set. If you are still looking or just need a lesson, we can get in touch.

    Long& McQuades is a pretty big store in Sudbury and they do rentals meaning they could have some decent used horns for sale. Steve's Music in Montreal has a used Jupiter600 for $399(CDN) that is a good deal. They also finance.

    The advantage to a music store is that if something is not right, you have support. Ebay is very often a crap shoot.
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    Wow thanks everyone for all the great advice and support it means a lot to me. I am going to be checking out the links and configure my setting so I get an email when somebody replies to any of my questions. Thanks again.
    My other fingers are all fine nothing wrong with them unless they swell up from being really burning hot or to cold they turn grey. Going to do some research.
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    Yes, buy a trumpet.

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