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    Quite a few years ago, my teacher was in Wisconsin on vacation. Part of it included trying some cornets at the Getzen factory. He had called ahead so upon arrival there were no less than a dozen cornets lined up and waiting to be played. He tested them all, picked one and paid what he would have paid at a Getzen dealer. I suggest calling ahead and find out their policy. It is a factory and may be too "dangerous " for you to walk in unannounced.
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    The last new horn I bought was a Calicchio around 1983 or so. At that time, I went through a local dealer and paid the dealer. However, I phoned the factory and talked with the people there about the specs I wanted the horn built to. At that time I did not know much about bore and its effect, but I did want an uptilted bell a la Herriot and a bell made of responsive metal. I had input, and the dealer could cut me the best price he felt comfortable with since he incurred no risk or expense.
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    How true. I also visited Getzen before buying and their sample room was amazing! Even some prototype horns were there for your feedback. Being a family owned "local" type maker the friendly people there only call you by first name and expect you to do the same. I honestly cant say enough nice things about Getzen, but yes you do need to call ahead so they can be expecting you. The "dangerous" part of the whole tour is that you may step on your own toung as it will be hanging out looking at all that beautiful brass. I got the horn and options right at the factory and then worked with the music store in Elkhorn for the order. It was easy at Breber Music because they didnt have to sell me and I knew what the horn should cost from my advance research. They made a little money for basically doing nothing but being the pickup point. Cant say enough nice things about Breber either, they were very nice to me and we just met over the phone. I dont think there is such a thing as buying from a factory, you need to draw the line between a custom builder and a manufacturer. Both have advantages and both have their fans. Best wishes.
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    Don't forget to view Ivan's website when you consider purchasing a C trumpet at

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