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    Wouldn't you have to be brain dead to think that this was a wave equation, when in fact it is just a gas momentum balance?

    No of course not. Who but a specialist in the field would spot the difference? Or that in the form you have cut and paste it, it is anything but a linear equation (non-linear hyperbolic function as it happens).

    How? The mathematics behind the links you posted are hard even for post-graduates in a mathematically focused degree discipline. Totally incomprehensible for anybody else.

    So just what are you trying to prove here? That you understand this stuff and we don't? Think again, sunshine. :-)
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    I tried an experiment last night with one of my students. We blew as hard and fast as possible into our horns without buzzing. Nearly passed out.

    The result: no sound (other than the air moving through the horn) was produced. Moving the valves made some difference in the pitch of the airstream (as expected), but no "trumpet" sound was produced.

    We then allowed our lips to buzz using the same amount of air flow. We put our lips against our mouthpieces and closed the seal (so that the buzzing was contained within the mouthpiece).

    The result: Trumpet sounds (albeit loud and obnoxious) were produced. Working the valves again made the pitch change as expected.

    In order to produce sound out of our trumpets, there must be an air flow through a set of buzzing lips.
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    If this is true, then a sound on a trumpet amounts to a whistle. Perhaps we should just put a fipple on the thing instead of a mouthpiece. It would work wonders for our endurance.

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    AND, our range!!! ROFLROFLROFLROFL Higher, louder, faster, shriller!!!!
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    Inb4 VntgCrnt

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