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  1. hornblatt

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Hi guys,
    I know i just posted this on TH but I'd like other opinions so here goes:

    I recently bought a Bach 239/25s C trumpet. About 2 weeks after I bought the horn, I got a Blackburn tuning slide for it. The problem with this is that when I'm in tune there is only about an eighth of an inch of the slide showing. I absolutly love the sound and the feel of this slide so I don't want to change it.
    I also recently switched from a 3C to a 3B on my Bb. I was having slotting issues with the 3C if you want to know the reason. The change was perfect. I now have better slotting and i also have better tone and feel.
    Now, since you have some backround information, here is the real problem:
    When I first tried my new 3B on my new C, it seemed to be fine. Now, after working with it for a few months I relize there is a major issue with intonation in the high register. Even as early as the D on the staff everything goes flat. Normally I would just push in a bit and lip the low notes down but with the slide i can't. Trying to play excerpts like Mahler 5 is horrible. The A is about 20 cents flat while everything else is in tune.

    Does anyone have any suggestons for a mouthpiece that would help?

  2. x3matt

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    Sep 14, 2005
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    I had a similar problem and it was with the gap in the mouthpiece receiver. Try another mouthpiece brand to find out. Good Luck
  3. matthoffner

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    Jul 12, 2005
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    i have experimented with using my Blackburn tuning slide and 25H leadpipe and the intonation wasn't the best. A Blackburn tuning slide AND a leadpipe, however, can really help the horn (E and E flat can be played with normal fingerings usually)

    I also would have to second x3matt's advice on the mouthpiece. Its amazing how different the shank differs - My Bach's are much longer than my C2

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