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    A friend of mine is selling a "like new" Callet Superchops .464 bore trumpet. It's one of Jerry's last... complete with 3rd Valve Conversion, and the "Benge-like" plate for the 3rd slide bracing.

    The Superchops .464 bore was a very desirable horn for Lead playing. As the seller of this horn, I had the opportunity to play it. The noticeable difference I found between the late models and the earlier ones is that the feedback behind the horn was improved, as well as the response. Part of the equation is the 3rd Valve Conversion, but it's pretty amazing to think that the addition of a small plate bracing the 3rd valve slide would have such a significant effect on a horn.

    The projection of the Superchops model made it a Lead players dream. The bell design of the Superchops came from the Mazereau bell mandrel. (Mazereau made the bells that were used on the highly sought after Pre-War French Bessons.) It would project with ease over an entire big band, with great clarity. As for upper register slotting, the .464 bore size gave the Lead player that little bit of extra "room" sometimes need to lock-in on a note, and as many have experienced... the upper register notes are "real notes".

    I'd love to see this horn go to a real Callet-lover, as it's a piece of Jerry Callet's legacy! Please contact me if you are interested.

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    haha i see this is a very old post, but is it still for sale?
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    oh nevermind, i think i read what i thought i read wrong! anyhow lol, the quesiton still stands
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