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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by brianwhitehead, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Dec 16, 2005
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    I am in the process of organising a trumpetfest, to get together lots of players to have a look at some of the music for trumpet ensemble. In the past, I have got 8/9 people together, but I thought it might be fun to get more people (say 30-35) together for a few hours, and split into four groups to look at some of the repertoire e.g. Biber's Sonata Sancti Polycarpi, Altenburg, Janacek Sinfonietta etc. At the end of the session, we could all have a look at one of the arrangements for multiple players. In the time honoured tradition, we would then retreat to the pub, followed by a curry.

    It will probably be held in Halifax in West Yorkshire (I can almost certainly get a hall for free). Murray Greig has kindly offered to help out with the tutoring side of things, and I can probably get some other professional players/teachers as well. The cost would be minimal, just a contribution towards the tutors' expenses.

    The most likely date is sometime during the weekend of 16/17 September this year. I have set up a poll on the brassforum website to find out the best time and date for everyone. Please go to the following link and vote if you are interested.

    Finally, players from outside the UK would of course be more than welcome, if they can be bothered to trail up to Halifax!


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