Can an old man start with a Bach 1 1/2C mouthpiece?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by oldsben, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Nov 11, 2007
    Hi b15M,First,you should ask any question you feel needs being addressed.This is just my opinion but I feel a player with practically no experience(2 weeks)does not need to go on a mouthpiece hunt. It is usually recommended that one starts with a smaller to mid size mpc,usually a c cup and progress with that piece until he achieves a level of playing ablity that would call for experimentation.How would he even know where to begin choosing a mpc with no experience at all?Great question.This is only my view and I would like to know what others think
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    My two cents worth....I think the difference could be the age and maturity of the player. Most kids when they start out don't realise there is such a thing as different mouthpieces. They just use the one in their case and thats the way probably needs to be. But I feel it is commonsense for an adult learning to find something that is more comfortable if they notice what they are playing on is not comfortable. They also have the income to try something else. It also goes without saying that they will get the best results if they settle quickly on one type of mouthpiece and then stick with it for a year or two while they build their embouchure and not go on a mouthpiece safari.
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    Nov 5, 2008
    I have that same problem I went from being offered all kinds of scholarships for band to not touching a trumpet,bariton orr tube for 18 year. My son is getting into band so I am starting up again. I found that the problem is not the cup depth or the rim size but that dreadful profile that Back use's and many other's use as well. I like my Reynolds 7A it has a really flat rim as in the the flatest I have ever seen on a modern trumpet if 1968 is considered modern it is in my book. Ebay has one right now with a few nicks in it for $4.90 I would try that first. If that is more comfortable then it is the rim shape and not size. The Reynolds 7A is sligtly deeper and wider then a Bach 7C but the big difference is that the rim profile does not bite and constrict the lips movement. I have really full lips and I hated the Bach 7C that came with my trumpet as a Kid. I ended up playing an old old vintage mouth piece I found in a box of old mouth pieces in the band's storage room. I never told my son any of this but he has my lips. The first thing he complained about was how his mouth piece hurt his lips. I let try my Reynolds 7A and now it is his and I am still looking for a suitable replacement. I tried a Yamaha that is in between a Back 1 and 3 but with a B cup and semiflat rim. Well Yamaha's idea of a semi-flat rim is basicly a clone of Bach's rim design which does not work for me at all. So far the companies that make a flatter rim then Back are PicketBrass which wants to have a look at my Reynolds 7A to add to their list of profiles and Warburton which is a bit pricey for someone not that serious. Now picket brass has offered to modify any rim on any mouth piece I have to match the Reynolds 7A which I might take them up on. So I would take a look at Picketbrass's stock designs and I would probably go with something around a 2 and I would chose their BC cup design since it is a hybrid cup design not too far off from a Parduba double cup if I understand the description right.

    I was worried about going to large as well but then someone on this site said somethign that made a lot of sense. They said oh just start the kid off on a Back 1 1/2 their will be kids in his class playing Trombone mouth pieces which are huge compared to the largest of trumpet mouth pieces. So their is no need to worry about going to big really when you stop and think about it from the stand point that kids start out playing trombones and tuba's and their embocher(sp) is just fine and not harmed by the size of the mouth piece. The reason I sugest to go with a two is that the back bore is matched to to the size of the mouth piece and a 1 or 1.5 might be a bit too fre blowing for you to start with it might affect your attack. I am not an expert though so just a guess. I also do not think it is the size because the difference in diamter between the largest and smallest trumpet mouth pice is minor when you look at it but the difference in cup depth and rim shape is drastic from one design to another. I truly think your problem is rim shape not size.

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