Can doing situps help your breathing?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trmpt_plyr, Nov 11, 2009.

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    It all comes down to air-flow, regardless of how you approach it, whether from the point of view of yoga or pilates or the gym teacher's suggestion for crunches and situps, or from other people's suggestions about this that or the other approach to breathing for playing the trumpet.

    How you get to the ideal air-flow is less important than the fact that you need to get there. If your current mind-set is somehow preventing you from doing it properly, change the way you think about it and forget the people who say "don't think about it that way, think about it this way." Well, if you're already thinking about it "this way" and it's not helping you, then think about it "that way" despite the advice against it.

    Air flow, pure and simple. If it's correct, you can play anything, if it's not correct you can barely play at all.

    People throw around a lot of discussion about the diaphragm and its part in the breathing process -- everybody should do their own research into just what part it actually plays in the breathing process and how we control it. There is a lot of information out there on the web about it, and some sites seem to contradict other sites as to just what muscles actually are what we breathe with. Just as with the discussions on breathing for playing the trumpet seem to contradict each other -- the real truth is that they're all correct, just not correct for everybody, since everybody's body is different. And the more we each of us educate ourselves on how the body works and try to come to an understanding about how our individual body works, the better off we'll be rather than listening to people say "Do it like this, it will help you" while others say "don't do it like that, it'll hurt you."

    Basically, we're all born with perfect understanding about how to breathe, and then as we learn more we obsess about it way too much. To play the trumpet, you inhale then you exhale in a more forceful way to get the lips to make the air in the trumpet vibrate.

    Now get your horns out and experiment until you find the best way to breathe so you can play endlessly and get the tone you want along with the range you want. :-)
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    My finding after diong sit-ups for a couple months first thing in the morning just before I practice. I find they only help if I do controlled breathing at the same time IE, similar to the Claude Gordon breathing the Mr. Bolvin recommends, only doing situps instead of walking. I never hold my breath while doing the sit-ups, but I exhale very slowly and see how many situps I can do before I have to inhale, but inhale fairly quickly. This seems to help my coordination very much. I suspect that it really gets to the point that it isn't the ab strength, but the coordination between the abs and the breathing that is important. Also I find if I do too many that my abs become tired and subsequently I have trouble with support, so I suspect that ab strength does play some role in providing compression.
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    Good health matters and exercise and health are related. As far as breathing goes carrying extra weight hampers breathing. The diaphragm has less space to move about when a person is over weight and the lungs can not easily fill either. Heavy breathing helps most people whether it is in strengthening the muscles or because it burns off calories

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