Can mellophone be used as a lead instrument?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by chet fan, May 12, 2010.

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    I can't understand this "marching" culture :dontknow: Bad taste isn't funny to me. Never was. And never will be. As Guy pointed out, it may be tolerable for sporting events, but as a musician and music lover that can only provoke disgust in my mind and heart.
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    Keep in mind that the Kenton Mellophoniums were not like present day marching mellophones. They were very out of tune and unpredictable at that time. The Mellophonium section with Dwight Carver was awsome. All of the Mellophonium players were trumpet players hoping to work their way into Kenton's trumpet section. Those horns were recovered my Conn, never to be made again. Amati makes a Kenton style Mellophonium. It's a fair horn and plays pretty good. Problem is, that they use a European mouthpiece shank, and it come with one mouthpiece. I'm doing all of this from my feeble memory, so forgive if some things I wrote are inaccurate. I don't believe so.
    Amati is also in the key of F, not Bb.

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    It's good when everything is controlled, as I assume you know with concert playing that blaring is not a good sound at Fortissimo, I know our band (in my personal view)(and the judges view when we won state championships) doesn't promote bad sounds unless your working on improving range (ya gotta start somewhere), as in during season if someone is beginning to blair we as students try to aid them. Oh well, to each his own, I personally like both, I just hate the tranistion from either, from concert to marching its all trying to get people to get their marching chops and lungs back. From marching to concert its all trying to get them to lighten up and not have the attacking sound, of course for those of us who practice it isnt hard, but for those who dont :thumbdown:
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    I was looking through my CD log and found Battle Hymn Of The Republic where I play 3 cornets, 2 F mellophones, 2 euphoniums and 1 CC tuba. 1 mellophone plays the lead cornet part an octave lower and the other mellophone plays the 1st euphonium part transposed to the G clef. I wish I knew a way to share this with you through TrumpetMaster, but all I can say is if you want to hear it as MP3, PM me your e-mail address and I'll transmit it. IMO this is concert quality ... not the "blaring" attributed to marching band, albeit my mellophone is a Yamaha marching style in the configuration of a trumpet.
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    Here's an interesting video of a mello being used as a lead horn. At 3:20, as the second tune starts. The trumpet farthest right is clearly holding a mellophone. A little later he plays a short and pretty high solo. It doesn't sound like a mellophone which leads me to believe maybe he used a trumpet mouthpiece.
    YouTube- FUTURE CORPS awesome drum and bugle
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    For their performance, they put the pizzazz and showmanship front and center.

    As to the "screamer" mellophone mouthpiece, in these tech days, with the right shank and backbore just about any mouthpiece cup can be used. Do not lock your mind around the thought that mellophones must use a variant of a French horn type mouthpiece albeit they can. I have preferred a Larry Kerchner IYM mpc for many years that has a lot of mass primarily to counterbalance the increased weight in that trumpet configuration but it also adds better tone control. All the measurements I've taken actually put my Yamaha better able to use a cornet mouthpiece than a trumpet if the shank were just 1/8th inch shorter. If and when I'll work such out with a mpc tech. I'd really like to use a cornet Parduba mpc.

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