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    Nov 5, 2008
    First Votatools has all kinds of latch's and hinges. Second I was recently haveing an Andy Warholl/Martha Stewart moment. I basicly wanted my case back. I gave it to my sone because the one that came with his Ebay trumpet was missing a large chunk of vinyl right out of the middle of the top of the case. So I decided I was going to fix it. So I took a cow hide patern fromt he fabrick section much like what you would use to make plush pupets. The wife cut it to fit with siccors. I then used Duro spray adhesive from Walmart's paint section. They also had 3M brand which I have used many times on car's but since the can was more then double the size and 3 times the price of the Duro brand I used Duro. Also the Duro listed far more materials that it was none to bond too which also was a turn on.

    So what followed was preety straight forward. Clean with rubbing alchol, spray both surfaces place fabric in place then roll out bubbles and wrinkles! After it dried trim any excess away. You could do with any fabric so if a girl wanted pink ballerina's or akid wanted his favorite football team log etc........ My son wanted Zebra but they did not have enough on hand to do his case plus it was $14 buck's a yard. So I was glad they where out of Zebra. Now I can have my case back which fits my trumpet much bettert then his Holton case did.

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