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    I doubt that and case could hold up if you "ran over it" ha. But the Wiseman has absolutely world class looks, compact size and super strong constructions. It is made of wood and aircraft aluminum, then padding, then covered in a high grade black leather skin. You can sit on it or stand on it... it is that strong. You cannot hurt the interior that easily but you could tear up the leather skin if you threw it around. Howard offers a free recover or rebuild of any case he sells for the life of the case! Apparently he thinks that the best advertisement for his cases is for owners to have nice looking cases all the time. The upgrade is free but you would have to pay for shipping. This is an amazing offer. Other cool features: The case uses a piano hinge that runs the entire length of the back of the case for added support and there are NO clasps of buckles to fasten or break off! So how does it stay closed? Well, it is an ingenious system; he uses heavy duty industrial type Velcro under the attached leather skin in a strip that runs the length of the front and sides of the case. The thing shuts down like a vise and keeps the lines of the case very smooth and clean. Every case also comes with a beautiful hand made mute bag with Wiseman Case Company sewn into it (it is awesome) two extra comfortable shoulder straps to allow for a back pack set up, a leather handle for regular use is on the case, an entire set of very cool special foam inserts to customize an exact fit for your horns (different key horns!), and a special card with your name and discount code so you can get a totally free case if 6 or 10 ( I forget) people use your code! Yes, it is expensive but it is the Rolls Royce of instrument cases and nothing looks as cool as a Wiseman. Oh, you can also get the case in your choice of custom colors (inside only) and he makes a Monette trumpet longer length styled version.

    Feel free to use my code for a 10% discount and then you'll get your own and you can start working toward getting another free case you can use or sell. What other case company offers that kind of deal?

    Finish Well,
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    If I bought a new case it would probably be a marcus bonna or a wiesman. My new wolfpak is nice, but lacking in a some areas. My picc bell now has a crease because of the way i was arranging my horns, ahh!
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    I actually use a torpedo bag, and while I wouldn't want to let anyone run over it, it is very trustworthy. Any normal force you would think could be applied to it doesn't really do anything.
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    Are you positive that you must check your horn? I know that in Washington due to the work of the musicians union a musician is allowed to carry on their instrument and it does not count as luggage. When a bunch of us here went to ITG we were allowed our 2 pieces of carry on and our horns because of this. One guy was prepared with the actual statement from our airliner and the musicians union just in case they made a fuss about his 2+ flugel case. They did, but they legally could not do anything. Perhaps this is just a Washington thing though. Might want to check it out regardless.
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    I'd like a torpedo, as they look incredibly strong, but alas, it's too much $$$ for me. :(

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