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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by franke, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. franke

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    Oct 14, 2005
    Henderson, NV
    how has this worked for people? also, for those that it worked for where were they when they started it?

    thanks much
  2. Bob Odneal

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    Jan 5, 2004
    Houston, Texas
    There are some comments on the pages I have posted links to on my site by people that have used my method. Here is a email I recently received.

    I haven't been too active here due to the fact my 90 year old father has had some health problems and I have been having to commute and care for him as well as work and care for my daughter and 2 weiner dogs!


    I have just about finished my new book of finger exercises with variations in harmonic minor, dorian, mixolydian, half step/whole step diminished, whole step/half step diminshed and whole tone. It has the chord changes the scale is used with so you learn more while you are practicing technique. It is up to 60 pages and 1260 measures. I am planning to email it out as PDF files to keep the cost low. I probably will put it in paper form if I get enough requests.

    bob...I emailed you concerned over my vanishing sound....since then my range is basically
    the same I still struggle for the top Gin a C in a scale...BUT by
    trying to play your way I have been getting a much brighter sound..I seem to get an
    almost unrestricted amount of air thru the feels like I have no lips or there is
    any tubing just air in the bell and the bell is my lips...the notes are coming out very
    very cleanly and very articulate and extremely loud....the old way I played trying
    to go above G I would simply lock up the air would get tighter and tighter and less and
    less and the strain was un believable.....these weekend I scaled up to top C and was
    playing the top Gs in tunes with so much power it felt like I could stop a bus
    with them.....and it felt really easy too ...the notes above seem to be more of a
    technique problem .. where as I used to feel like a strength problem.......I think its
    coming together even despite the fact I broke a front tooth last week.....I don't think
    realistically I am just going to suddenly start hitting top Cs I am giving it a year...but I
    am seriously thinking I should of bought a sax....oh yeah I have even swapped to a
    bigger mouth piece a Dennis wick 3 its much bigger and it makes my lips more
    relaxed and I can feel that they touch

    hope you escaped any damage to your home bob I saw the pics on tv........
    .need any plasterering advice just email me.

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