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    Apr 24, 2009
    I just received from my uncle the Cavalier trumpet he played probably in the 40's and I played in the 60's. When I graduated from high school I gave it back to him and his son played it. On the second valve are the number 67919. It is silver in color but not shiny except on the bell where it is fancy with with a decortive cavalier and Elkhart, Ind. USA. The inside of the bell has a goldtone.

    Can anyone tell me anything about this horn?
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    Welcome to the forum. The Cavalier was a sub-brand of Pan American, that, a sub brand of Conn and many were sold in different forms for several decades. Good student instrument that apparently has served your family
    Here is the best Conn site and you can find info on Cavaliers, Pan Americans and a number of photos of various models and a wealth of history detail.

    It is not clear, but I believe the serials were included in the Pan American list on Connloyalist, which would date it to 1930 or so.

    The Conn Loyalist
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    Welcome, i too own a cavalier, when i recievd mine it needed a good polish so after i cleaned it out i used maas metal polish, if you do decide to use maas dont use to much in the same area because you will see that the brushed silver finish will wear a bit... when i showed mine to my music instructor he said that i couldnt use it because it was too out of tune because it wasnt as "refined" as a newer one, in other words whatever sound came out of the mouthpiece is basically what comes out of the horn.

    - regardless i like the horn because it plays great and it has great valves, plus that vintage look is awsome. seeing as how yours was made in 1930 according to the serial # then yours might not have the same issues that mine has (seeing as how mine is a 1925). I would enjoy to see some pics of it if thats ok with you.

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