Chair placement question.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Zalu617, Sep 5, 2009.

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    For me....I don't want to play 1st chair. If find that most 2nd parts are more challenging and fun to play. The 1st chair in our orchestra and I are good friends, we play quite often together in Church and practice together.

    Who's better? It's neck and neck, but he likes 1st and I like 2nd, either one could play either part but this is just how we agree. Our Conducter tried to assign chairs but it didn't really work so he lets us pick who plays what because he know we are going to make it work.
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    Nick - Are you trying to take over "first chair post writer" position? I thought my answers were long-winded and I had a shot at that position! lol;-)

    Actually, I enjoyed it very much. I have never been a professional musician and have never heard an explanation like yours. I had heard that this world was filled with political maneuvering, deal-making, posturing, and quid-pro-quo but you provided a vivid and understandable view of how it really works. It's a tribute to the desire of musicians everywhere that anyone is willing to go through that in order to provide musical entertainment to the rest of us. Then, add the situation as covered in the "Penny Lane" thread and it seems that is simply adds insult to injury. Thanks to you and all like you for continuing to do this and here is a hope that younger people will continue to have the desire do provide this service and stick with it even in the face of such adverse relationships and contractual conditions.
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    Hear! Hear! :thumbsup: Onya NickD et al.

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