Chase Revisited

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    If you haven't gone to the site yet GO THERE NOW AND LISTEN TO THIS (scroll to the bottom and listen to "Open Up Wide")

    Chase Revisited

    Eric Miyashiro did an incredible job stepping into Chase's shoes and the other trumpets and the band (for the most part Chase alumni) was absolutely burning! And this was the beginning of the show!

    I was so blown away by this I contacted Joe Morrissey (trumpet from the last Chase incarnation) who organized the tribute. I thought this would be an incredible show to be featured at this year's International Trumpet Guild Conference. I mean, Chase is one of those great icons for trumpet players and his contributions deserve to be recognized.

    Joe got back to me a told me he had already approached ITG regarding this and basically told that the had already planned a Chase tribute and that it would be presented using a local rhythm section and some of the attending soloists.

    Excuse me, but what the hell is that about???? Here we have a group of players obviously cranked by re-living an incredible time in their lives as musicians and they will be stepped around and replaced by a thrown together group of locals and some randomly selected soloists? No disrespect intended as I'm sure the local guys and soloists will all be fine players, but I don't think they'll come remotely close to recapturing the energy and spirit of that band as would the original members of Chase. Ever been to Dartanyan Brown's website? The man's writing just oozes love and respect for his late boss.

    So I checked the ITG conference site and it looks like it's a done deal. Here's the info:

    Wednesday, June 4, 2008:


    Bill Chase Tribute: Benoit Glazer, Andrea Tofanelli, Lorenzo Trujillo, and Ramon Vasquez with original lead singer G.G. Shinn.

    Well, I guess one out of nine ain't bad :rolleyes

    If any of you feel like expressing your feelings about this, here's who you can contact:

    Jens Lindemann, Conference Host
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Val Thompson, Event Manager
    The Banff Centre
    Box 1020
    Banff, Alberta, Canada
    T1L 1 H5

    Phone: (403) 762-6231
    Fax: (403) 762-6338
    [email protected]

    Geraldine Ysselstein, Event Coordinator
    [email protected]

    You never know what a few squeeky wheels can do....

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    Jun 11, 2006
    The trumpet players listed a quite competent.

    It is Jen's show. I would not care to tell him how to run it.

    Although, the food had better be good.
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    Apr 4, 2007
    That Web page says that Jerry van Blair was one of the people the concert was dedicated to.
    But I thought he left the band *long* before the plane crash, he was of the original band line-up rather than the latter.
    Did he die some other time of some other cause?
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    Competence does not neccessarily equate to excitement. While they are all fine players, especially Andrea Tofanelli, there is an emotional involvement that the original members have in the music that the "subs" may not be able to deliver.

    Contacting the surviving Chase members would not have been difficult as many have websites and/or are well known to the trumpet playing community. Inviting them to the conference would have been a great courtesy. Jay Sollenberger played lead with Buddy Rich, Woody Herman and Stan Kenton. Jim Oatts has toured and/or recorded with Stan Kenton, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, Machito, Wilson Pickett, Mike Vax Big Band, and many others. Joe Morrissey toured with the Mel Lewis Orchestra. They are all notable players in their own right. Considering them for the Chase Tribute should have been a no-brainer. They're still alive and have a lot of personal history to share.
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    Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:49 pm Post subject:
    Just so that you have the facts straight, the Bill Chase tribute for ITG 2008 was already well under way at the Bangkok ITG conference in 2005. I was approached by spectacular trumpeter and fierce Chase devotee Ray Vasquez. He both respects the tradition of Bill Chase and everything that Chase did for our trumpet community. He was also adamant about authenticity. We both agreed that providing an original vocalist was a key in presenting such a program and GG Shin was engaged. Further, the trumpeters who are all playing are not only fantastic musicians, they are all Chase devotees and were hand chosen for this event. Our 'local' rhythm section are also some of the finest players on the jazz/rock scene today.

    I have nothing but the highest respect for Joe Morrisey and the tribute project he has put together. Joe contacted me last year about this idea but the simple fact is that we had already set the wheels in motion years ago before I even knew about his original tribute band which is indeed an awesome group.

    I don't think anyone will ever get tired of the kind of impact and influence that Bill Chase had on music and certainly Joe Morrisey will perform further and probably at an ensuing ITG conference. It would not only be appropriate but respectful of Bill Chase and the lineage of musicians he created.

    I can assure you that our tribute to Bill Chase will be an awesome event intended to generate the kind of enthusiastic response that Chase himself got when he approach it with any less respect than that would be inappropriate.

    GG Shin is spectacular and a critical piece of the show!!!

    Trust me, by the end of June 4 you will be familiar with all of the trumpeters on our show.

    Dr. Ray Vasquez: Drum corps expert and lead player through the North Texas big band system...Bill Chase enthusiast extraordinaire.

    Ramon Vasquez

    Dr. Lorenzo Trujillo: Young gun with a huge sound, impeccable fundamentals and stellar chops

    Official Homepage Trumpeter, Lorenzo Trujillo

    Benoit Glazer: Music director of Cirque de Soleil show La Nouba, trumpet designer...great example of the Montreal school of trumpet playing...clean, efficient, effortless.

    Benoit Glazer

    Andrea Tofanelli: Italian star trumpeter with huge personality and enthusiasm for everything!


    Kristian Alexandrov: Vancouver Keyboardist...all styles...the funkier the better

    Kristian Alexandrov - HOME PAGE

    Dr. Jeremy Coates: Calgary bass player all styles, degree from North Colorado

    Jeremy Coates  ::  Notes by Coates

    Andy Erickson: First call Calgary drummer adept at all styles and has performed in a trio with Jeremy and Kristian for years...very tight trio.

    Hope you can attend the conference...I can guarantee that it will be worth it!!!

    Jens Lindemann
    Jens Lindemann's Web Quarters
    BrassFire with Jens Lindemann
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    So where exactly is this conference? I had never heard of it.

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