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    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    I put this post in here since I can't find any other forum where it'd be appropriate.

    Man, I'd love to get into it with you guys tonight in chat. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I think I got myself kinda committed to attend a concert last night.

    Let's see...what is the schedule this weekend?

    Oh yeah....Friday 3 pm...TUBA CHRISTMAS PRACTICE. That went until nearly 5 pm. At 5 pm, move over to the park downtown along with 35 other tubas & euphoniums for our city's first ever TUBA CHRISTMAS. Discover that the city parks department weasel had forgotten one item that he needed to give us lights. Play the concert in the DARK, while the wind roared around at between 40 and 60 km/hr (knocking stands over, causing paperclips to come undone, and keeping crowds well down), and the air temperature sitting at the freezing mark. At least three of us had decorated our euphoniums with those little, battery powered Christmas lights so we had a little (VERY LITTLE) light to see by.

    Run home, change, throw some food down the throat and get over to the University for their semester wrap-up concert. Interesting stuff they played; Holst, Dello Joio, Rudin and Ogren. The last two pieces (Dream of Oenghus and Symphonies of Gaia) especially noteworthy.

    Today I get to gather with our trumpet choir and "entertain" at a Christmas Craft sale for the afternoon. Then this evening I was planning to chat. *sigh* But I discovered that there is to be a concert with the University Choir and the University Brass Ensemble this evening; and I'm a sucker for a brass ensemble. So I'll be thinking of you guys during the "boring bits".

    Hope y'all have fun. Maybe next week.

    Edit: *GRRRR* Mrs. just reminded me.... her office Christmas party next Saturday. Gad, I'm getting to almost dislike this time of year!

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