Cheater pieces bad?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Jarrett, Dec 29, 2009.

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    How do I feel on cheaters? What note do you need? thats my view. Me and a few others that have above high C resent "cheaters" however anything above a E is typically given to one guy you know? So it doesnt quite matter there, but one of my fellow trumpeters (we dont get along) at my high school on a good day can hit a double C on his 3C he has a natural ability at range and is very good at it. One of my friends has around an E on a good day, and I have about an F on a good day. They play on 3C's I play on a 1.5C. Now just on occasions when either of us wish to play above our normal register we'll whip out one of the ones that we have. Overall for cheaters, I think they help out for certain occasions like playing above high C. But generally I think that these "cheaters" are built for uppper register work, and most people who have them do not play them correctly. As in they dont open up enough, or they dont have enough air support, things like that. I used to use one, and it sounded really good but I was just ever so brighter than the others so I had to give it up.
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    So since you play on a 1.5C and the person who can get a double-C is playing on a 3C would you be using a "cheater" if you decided that moving to a 3C would be a good thing for you? How is it cheating to change mouthpieces, if the mouthpiece helps you to get the sounds out of your trumpet which you want/need to get? I played on a 1C for years until last May when I went to a deeper cup and changed to a Laskey mouthpiece -- was I cheating? I sound better and I can play higher. Of course, I've also been practicing in a different way from what I had been doing for years before.

    My son plays on a 3C and he can play higher than I can -- is he "cheating"? No, he's just using different equipment which allows him to get the sound and the notes he wants/needs to get.

    Many people use one mouthpiece on their Bb and a different one on their C, or, even if sticking to the same mouthpiece on their Bb and C trumpets, they'll use a different mouthpiece on their D/Eb and piccolo trumpets. Are they "cheating?"

    No -- you can't "cheat" and play the trumpet well. The sounds you get and the range you get just don't work if you're trying to cheat. But using the right equipment for the situation, even if it means using a different mouthpiece, is the mark of a professional who knows his/her tools and limitations and uses what works for the situation.
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    If you're losing some aspect of your playing to make a gain somewhere else, I'd say you were cheating. The mouthpiece you play should not compromise one aspect of playing to benefit another. If it does, you're not doing something right or you're using the wrong equipment.

    Example: You normally play a 1-1/2C, and get a nice sound and acceptible upper range. The director pulls out a piece of music that stays in the upper register quite a bit. You pull out your 13A4a to make it through the piece, but your tone suffers, especially on the lower parts. To me, that's're basically cheating yourself by relying on a crutch instead of practicing enough to develop your range endurance on a mouthpiece that serves you well otherwise.
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    Say, weren't you one of the Seinfeld writers??
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    My old band director used a Bach 1c, and did none of those things.
    Actually, he did the opposite.
    He played trombone.
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    I interviewed for the job, but wasn't invited back after they found out my real name wasn't "Ari Leibowitz."

    In contrast to the trombone player that used the Bach 1C, I was an ex-French horn player that initially found the 7C to be a "toilet bowl."

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