ChopSaver lip balm... any thoughts?

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    Feb 4, 2005
    i second the comment about different packaging. I bought some, and always kept it in my front pocket. but it was always melting, and mostly was wasted because of it. every time I would take the cap off, I would have to re-twist and discard the stuff that had melted off, etc. anyway, that was disappointing. it felt great on my lips, and seemed to work fine(although I would prefer it unscented, or minty, JMO, I'm not a big grapefruit guy.) I've gone back to burt's beeswax, I like the little flat tin. never runs or melts. a different packaging would be of interest to me. nice product, though.
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    I like it before and after playing, just not durring, it loosens my grip. For me it does feel better than anything Ive tried. Even better than a stick called Chicken Poop, which I hope is just a marketing gimick not the ingredient lable. Any advantage we can find is welcome even if it is psycological, but it is nice to have a product made for us with ongoing research and development. BTW the citris kick is useful in fighting brass breath.
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    Re: Chopsaver

    I too am an advocate for the use of lanolin, on my breass instruments and personally, however thousands are allergic to it and some even to wool cloth. I've known those with skin rash and those with a choking breath from presence of lanolin and/or wool.

    It took facial physical contact with her boyfriend's wool blend suit while dancing, but the next day her face was swollen and red. Thus, she never married. ( I believe she is now deceased ).
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    No more than any other lip balm.

    Soundcheck probably sums it up best. If you like the formulation, then it's worth the $5. But all any lip balm can do it treat chapped lips.
  5. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    This thread is 4 years old but the truth is still the same. If you like the smell and can play with lip balm, then this can help to keep the chops chap free. I has NO POSSIBLE BENEFIT FOR RANGE OR ENDURANCE. They are all functions of how your body works, not what you smear on top.
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    Fascinating. I'm thinking I may need something for my lips sometime, and Blistex is available just about everywhere, smells nice, and the ONE time I had a cold sore, I cured it by going around with a big white blob of Blistex on it and it was gone in a few days. I think it has oil of cloves or something in it.
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    Great and helpful info, thanks.
  8. rowuk

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    No criticism of Marks suggestion but remember, things not designed for human consumption may not have a pedigree that is safe for humans. There are true industrial double standards when it comes to animals that don't play trumpet. There may not even be the requirement to list all of the ingredients.

    There is no legal course of action when deliberately misusing a product. A mane, tail or hoof is not in an area close to a horses mouth either. Be very watchful!

    Even better would be getting something in writing from the manufacturer (no pesticides, allegenes, a complete list of ingredients and origin, no silicones)

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