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    Christmas is a great time of year for freelance trumpet players. Typically churches have numerous Christmas Eve services, and just about every one wants/needs a trumpet. Here in Minnesota even more have "concert series" or special "Christmas Concerts".

    I'm interested in hearing about other people's Christmas Gig experiences (and pardon me if there is a thread devoted to this's a lazy day after Christmas and I didn't take the time to look). So, were there any songs you played over and over? Any really bad "church arrangements" you had to suffer through?

    I'll share a bit about my experiences. Over a 21 hour period from Christmas Eve day to Christmas Day, I played 9 services at 3 different churches. I played a different arrangement of Silent Night at all three churches for every service (I really don't want to play it again for at least the next 364 days). At one church we had 6 services, 1 every hour on the hour (each one lasted 40-45 minutes, and we had a break during the 6pm hour). Most of the arrangements were pretty bad, consisting of block chords for harmony throughout. But, as much as I can complain about the low-level music making....I can't complain about the money. $) Christmas is the one time of year that freelancers don't have to worry about gigs...there are too many to go around!

    Any interesting stories to share?

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