Circa 1900 Besson and Couesnon Flugels

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    Nov 11, 2003
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    Hey all,


    Can anyone tell me about the bell markings on a Besson ' Brevette " flugel, sn 63xxx , has "year 1900 " stamped on the bell. SN says body was stamped in the late 1890's. supposidly.

    I'm told the different Flugels of that era had different bell markings that separated them as far as uniqueness and quality.

    I bought this Besson and am know having it restored so I'd like to get to know as much about it as possible. Also, are their any pictures of the different Besson Bell markings , on any site? I checked the one's i know and came up empty.

    Gearhead stuff:

    Miles Davis and Jon Faddis both played vintage Besson Flugels

    Thanks, Larry

    PS: I also purchased in the deal 2 "turn of the century" Couesnon Flugels - again, any info out there on these. They have year 1902 and year 1904 stamped into the bells. Monopole also, " Rue de Paris " Purchased from a dealer in France. 1954 Couesnon Flugel also.

    PS - If any of you out their know my wife, please don't let on I just blew the kid's college fund on these relic's . She's not over the 2 NY Backs I just got last month - original gold plate - just couldn't pass it up - both pre 1930
    Who Ya !!! - it's me sleeping alone again tonight.

    Vintage trumpet are like heroin- just got to get my fix- can't say no - HELP ME !!!!

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