Citric Acid and Trumpet Cleaning

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by LH123, Sep 13, 2011.

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    A very safe concentrated Citric Cleaner is TKO Orange Concentrate or it may be called Orange TKO concentrate. Locate the home page and do some reading on it.

    I put a full 16 oz. bottle of it in a half full bath tub of Hot water. Too soak and clean some older 1950's horns. Gave them a good long soak. Help a lot in the cleaning and took off every bit of the old Cellouse laquer. Could wipe it off with a wash cloth and hand. Turned the laquer to gum. Caused no harm to me or the brass/silver of horn/valves etc..

    I still use it today in less strength, along with Simple Green/Dawn degreaser. With good hot water soak,does a great cleaning job. Sanitizes and gives horns a nice smell. Causes no problems with plated metal or all brass horns. To strong of a strength may remove new laquer though.

    My wife uses this TKO Orange product to clean our Fish's fish bowl once a month. Never harmed the Fish. I am a Asthmatic,the TKO or Simple Green have never bothered my breathing. This stuff is about Citric Acid as you can buy. Good luck
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    My repairer uses approximately 750 ml Citric acid and 750 ml Phosphoric acid with 200 ml Morning Fresh Dishwashing liquid in 30 litres of water, he does not measure accurately, these figures are based on the size of his jug and tank.

    His comment to me was " it does not matter much, either Citric or Phosphoric on its own will do the job, if too strong may strip some lacquers and if too old the bath will plate copper onto silver horns."

    I have also soaked parts overnight in a 2% Nitric acid solution with no detriment.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    Hell's Bells Stuart - do you also assemble monsters from spare bits in your spare time?
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    Monsters..........not quite, a couple of Frankenhorns in the past, recently aquired 2 Olds Ambassadors, converting one at the moment and have ideas for the other, will have one completed by christmas, will post photo of completed instrument.

    Regards, Stuart.

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