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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by jazztrpt006, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Okay so In a few weeks we're putting together a trumept clinic. The age group is those anywhere from grade9 through 12 so I was just putting it out there to ask anyone what you think the ideal clinic should contain. As we have our plan all sorted out already but it would be great what other trumpeters think about an "ideal" clinic and what topics should be covered more so than others. And ways to get the kids to take part in the whole thing and not just have them sit and listen to us. As we all know what it was like to be back in highschool, not all the kids are going to wish they were there.

    Anyways any help and/or feedback would be awesome!
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    I run the Maryland Trumpet Day and we have a good deal of high school kids at this event. I actually require my trumpet players to attend. Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to have some great clinicians, all of them having something good to say. The ones that stand out are clinicians who take the time to talk to the kids candidly and about how it really is. Kids often think it is easy out "there", us adults dont know about them and how they know so much. When and guy in the Broadway pits comes out and says "guess what" it helps. It is so nice when these guys echo what you tell your students.

    Another good clinics have been:
    How to audition, helps the college bound or all state kids.
    How to get in playing shape from a pro.
    How to get into a pro level group.
    Overall approach to practicing.
    What should I be doing? Guiding kids on how to prepare for thier future.

    I will say, no matter how great the subject the clinician makes the time enjoyable and informative. Good luck and drop me an email if you want to talk.
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    Ey what do you mean a trumpet clinic? Does that mean like a trumpet store or somewhere where you can learn to play the trumpet?

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