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    The speed of sound varies with air density. Air density varies with temperature. Because sound is a result of vibrating air particles, then denser air will have more particles to vibrate and so sound will travel faster than in less dense air - this will vary tuning - so tuning varies with temperature.
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    i have to say tht during the late football games and marching competitions, i loved playing my trumpet while it was practically frozen. We switch from TOB and MAC competitions and the MAC competitions up in connecticut in late october while it was snowing were freezing. It took us a long time to warm up our instruments, and i stopped running warm air through them for fifteen minutes and the valve oil actually froze my valves...
    but i like the tone my trumpet gives off when it is frozen, plus i find it easier to play with a cold mouthpiece then a warm, nd tuning is very easy you just push all the way in nd when using third valve slide you only have to throw out a tiny bit
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    To annoy us........
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    thank you all for your replies. especially mister lovevixen555, although being british, didn't quite get the last paragraph of your post.

    i like the idea of sound waves being affected by the cold rather than the cold causing my instrument to shrink (there is a joke in there somewhere).

    i just tried blowing a few notes into my fridge. the acoustics are terrible. definitely flat.

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