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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Clarkvinmazz, Oct 8, 2015.

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    well, its time. college auditions are looming, and although im practicing as much as possible and i know i sound pretty good, frankly im scared out of my pants! ;-) so i have a difficult dilemma to face now. my list of colleges im auditioning for includes Baldwin Wallace conservatory; a fantastic place and a major contender in schools i want to go to. my original pan was to apply early action, as im fairly confident that i will get in and it would be a nice comfortable back up if the other schools dont offer any money, or i dont get in. The early audition date is November 21st- only 6 weeks away! and while i know that im making progress on my audition material, im just not sure if it will be as perfect as i want it to be in time for the audition. so here is my dilemma. do i audition in 6 weeks, knowing that i might not be as ready as i could be but having the comfort of a backup (hopefully!)or do i wait until the February auditions, but not have the security i want?
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    I would suggest that you play the November audition, if for nothing else, the experience. Six weeks can be a long time with time well spent.

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