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    He failed to clarify thanks to his poor grammar and spelling - I thought he meant "matching" rather than "marching" - his spelling was "maching" so I had to interperet that by filling in the blank on the misspelled word, and I went the other way.

    I've got nothing more for this kid - I was MARCHING and gigging professionally before he was even a gleam in his daddy's eye, but apparently my advice is of no use or consequence to him because at age 17/18 he's "a well read educated musician." Apparently there is nothing left to teach him.

    I contend that the issue here is not his horn or his mouthpiece.
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    Jul 14, 2009


    Love it!
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    I thought he meant "old" players.
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    At 18 a lot of us had our pants full of stuff that we had to eat during the years following our indestructability.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that the more you know, the less you talk about it. The rest of us are well read and educated (me included).

    I think this kid has a problem. He won't get much money for the Bach, but wants another horn that will give him more range and endurance. Fairy dust is expensive on Ebay these days.
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    Ya, horns are expensive on ebay these days. It kind of sucks for trumpeters, b/c of the internet everyone now knows what they're old horn is worth.
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    HEY if the OP is still here -- and willing to listen -- he can go out and buy Keith Fiala's setup (an Austin Winds 470 -- and Keith's mpc) --- or quite frankly he could follow the link and go to Keith's website --
    there are many helpful tips -- not just on equipment -- but also "low pressure" + air + playing relaxed --- CONFIDENT but NOT COCKY

    and my help in this posts is that each of the players I listed on youtube --ALL have a different horn -- YET they are all very good!!!!!!! (ok the 2 Kilties with the G sopranos likely have the same set up))

    YouTube - ‪Trumpet High Notes By Former Maynard Ferguson Player‬‏
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    OH - I forgot this guy can play also --
    and hopefully if a "picture is worth a 1000 words" - then a video must be worth much more --- I hope the OP is able to learn something from all of this

    YouTube - ‪Matt Gallagher‬‏

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