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  1. JLoyalist

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    Jan 30, 2011
    Hello friends :-)

    As a younger musician i am constantly thinking about the color and timber of my sound on the trumpet. Which i'm sure is something that doesn't go away regardless of how advanced you are on the instrument haha. I was just really wondering what everyone here thought about have more of a brighter sound vs a darker sound just as a trumpet player in general. I know some people believe it is better to have a brighter sound and to have a much more diversity in your color of sound but at the same time a know a lot of teachers and players who think that it is best to have a much darker sound or color.I know that personally i have bit more of a brighter sound in the higher register and i find myself having to think a lot more about how my sound fits into an ensemble. I know that a lot of orchestras and western ensembles in general want most of their players to have a much darker color to their sound to help with balancing and to really change the feeling that the sound of the ensemble gives off, but at the same time i also know that many of those same groups are looking for a player with a different color from all the other shades of grey so i think for me personally it can be a little confusing.

    If i could get some input on this subject and maybe some wise words from the more "seasoned" players here :lol: it would help me greatly. Thank you! :D
  2. Vulgano Brother

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    My ideal is "golden" in color and weight. Sun rather than moon. Esoteric.
  3. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    actually the sound issue is temporary. When we learn to play music instead of color, speed or octave, we free our minds for much higher things. When we learn to listen instead of broadcast, most decisions become logical instead of " concious"!
  4. I think that most players until they start to mature should focus on producing a good tone rather than coloring it. There are many types of good tone and that can be "bright" or "dark" or "warm" or "cold". Once a player has accomplished achieving a good tone then they should start worrying about color as they start to find their own unique sound.
  5. gmonady

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    So true. You first must learn how to walk, before you can run. When you're ready to run, I have some tips on how you can color your tone from bright to dark and back again.
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    When in my beginning stages of learning trumpet, I became EXTREMELY obsessed with trying to make my tone as dark and warm as possible. I was listening to a lot of trumpet players that have/had a very dark/warm sound, and I wanted to sound like that.

    As I "matured" in my playing and realized that color wasn't the most important thing (lost the obsession). In doing so, I began to really improve in all different aspects of my playing. And before too long, I had developed my own "color".

    The point is....just let your color be what it is. There isn't a "better" sound on trumpet. Your sound should fit how YOU play the trumpet.

    Hope this helps in some way...
  7. reedy

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    I never really thought about colour untill a few years ago when I started playing around with a few mouthpieces....

    I think of the colour as depending on what style your playing, lead=bright, mellow jazz=dark

    although I was playing with some in wind band the other day and they have a very bright sound compared to me, dunno if thats a good thing or a bad thing....
  8. Vulgano Brother

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    Keep in mind that what we hear at our end of the mouthpiece can be very different than what the audience hears. As rowuk pointed out, the idea is to make music, and if music making is a priority the color issue takes care of itself.

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