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    It's nice to read all the different comments concerning the sound of my instruments. As sound has always been so important to me.

    Below I have copied a post that I have sent out concerning sound, and what my thoughts are as to how important sound really is in making music.

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    Come and Hear The Difference

    Sound has always been the most important concern for me as a musician. I have found that " The Sound " has complete and total influence on my playing as to the approach of the music.

    The human breath, or soul, is what makes sound so personal. It’s the DNA of the artist. It’s what sets him apart from all the others. The size, shape, and tonal colors, are what complete the overall signature of the artist.

    Not all-musical instruments are created equal. There are many different designs, and ways in making any of them.

    When I designed the Bb Flip Oakes Wild Thing Trumpet, I was looking for a combination of idealistic qualities, which I could not find in any other trumpets, although I searched long and hard throughout my entire trumpet-playing career. I have always been very conscience of my sound and in the developing my instruments sound took presence in my design. Of course to have a world class sound, the intonation also has too be of highest priority as well. The scale of the instrument has to be where it’s on, with an even sound throughout all registers. This is no easy task, and not to be taken lightly.

    However, the very unusual thing that came about with this instrument concerning " Sound ", is how the "Chameleon aspect of this instrument" in the sense that it can produce a wide variety of sounds, all depending how you approach it.

    My hands on quest for this design started in 1972, when I opened my first repair shop, as a way to supplement my income as a professional musician. My intentions were to design a trumpet that was "more" horn then what had been offered in the past.

    More open, and freer blowing characteristics. As it opens up in the upper register, and will not back up on you when you start pushing on it. The Flip Oakes Wild Thing Trumpet is also very open in the bottom of the horn as well. It’s a trumpet you can get a Enormous 'Sound' from, with Great Intonation, and a Big Rich Tone, with Tremendous Strong Carrying Power. And yet it sounds however you approach it. It can be played from ppp – fff with total control, and sound very warm, and or dark, and yet when you command it to, it can be strong, bright, and very powerful in both strength of sound, and volume. Strong slotting, and yet ease of flexibility and movement, with lightening fast response. Other trumpets are dwarf in comparison in all these areas.

    When you play any Flip Oakes Wild Thing instrument, You Will Immediately Feel, And Hear The Difference! Players of all different musical styles and situations are now enthusiastically playing the Flip Oakes Wild Thing!

    Here are some sound samples of me....

    This was recorded on a hand held Sony tape recorder during a live performance with my quartet.

    Dan Mc Million also has samples ( He sounds like Maynard !! ) the spirit.mp3 time at the engine room bar

    I hope you'll enjoy them....

    Of course you can always hear Alan Chez play his Wild Thing any night on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS Mon - Fri. He's played it since Feb.1998


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