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    Jul 14, 2010
    Session 1

    I received my Olds Ambassador in the mail yesterday (8/4/10). I took it home, gave it a CLR bath and good all-around scrubbing, then greased all the slides and oiled the valves. This morning, I took it to my office after my morning run and experimented with a 20-minute exploration session. The results? Imagine a 38-year-old formerly competent player who hasn't played in 17 years, and who sits down at a music store with an instrument just to tinker around with it. That's essentially what happened. I had a good tone, even at high-C, although accuracy was nowhere to be found. Once I found the note, the tone was good, and the projection was fairly good. Stamina is non-existent, but I expected that. It will take some time to re-learn the muscle memory for note placement and hitting it from the start instead of "searching" around for the right note.

    All in all, I was very pleased with the results of this first session. I played major scales for the first ten minutes or so, followed by a few familiar tunes from memory (still stuck in my head after all these years). After that, I just played random notes and intervals to see where my range was and what my embouchure control felt like. My range is where you'd expect a good high school player to be - low F# up to around D above high-C. All that range is with a fairly good tone. The Ambassador helped me with that, no doubt.

    The one obvious area of deficiency is in overall control, as I mentioned earlier. While playing scales in eighth notes, I could feel the embouchure bouncing around a lot, and I had little to no accuracy. Once in the swing of the scale, I could keep the notes in tune and fairly accurate. But when starting the scale, or when playing tunes where the notes aren't scalar, I had some difficulty hitting the right notes from time to time.

    So, in short, I still have good tone and overall quality of sound, and my range is surprisingly good for as many years away from the horn as I've had. But my chops are weak as water and need some serious exercise. I'll post pictures and comments about the new Ambassador in the Vintage Horns forum.

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    Jul 30, 2010
    Hey, glad the trumpet arrived! Enjoy. Love to see a picture of your new axe!

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