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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by msodasoccer51, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. veery715

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    Mar 6, 2007
    Ithaca NY
    Along the lines of recommending you buy a trumpet from Trent, I did, a Selmer Radial 2, from about 1968. It's a great player, with terrific valves, but the lacquer is deteriorating. You could probably get it from me and have a couple hundred dollars left over. PM me is interested. Trent still regrets selling it to me. I'd consider it a pro horn.
  2. mrmusicnotes

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    Nov 11, 2007
    I also agree with the bach strad.Trent has a very good buy ,and your buying from a trustworthy pro who you can get in touch with if needed.Not only is the Strad a geat horn, its probably the easiest horn to sell when your ready to upgrade.Just look on Ebay,they get more hits and go for $800 easily everyday.But I doubt you will want to sell it,I know I will never sell mine.
  3. msodasoccer51

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    Sep 1, 2008
    Ok thanks, but my only problem is that I don't have the money on hand now. My dad just retired, and is teaching at a local college, so we don't have money to spare. I can get money soon, but as of now, I have to pay for the horn, and I have to get the money yet.
  4. TheNigerian

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    Nov 2, 2008
    If all else fails, get a Bach TR200. Great marching horn. Used mine for 8 years.
  5. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    I think you should be looking for something for Jazz band and use what you have for marching band since it is far more trumpet then what you need for marching band. I definately wouldnot get another intermidate horn since you already have one and why have two when you are on a buddget.Look at pro horns from all manufactures and play as many different brands as you can. The only time you get screwed and pay to much for anything from car's to trumpet's is when you go and get emotionaly invested in one particular item. So let's say you just have to have a Bach Strad in a particular configuration the sales guy can smell you desire and lust for that model like a shark smells blood and you will not get a good deal and you will not be willing to wiat and see what comes your way. Now if you just want a pro horn that is going to be a step up fro what you have now then all of a sudden an entirely new and very large market open's up to you since Yamaha,Getzen,Bach,Kunstall,Benge,Schilke,Jupiter,Suzuki and on oand on and on all make pro-models now. Heck I even heard that Eastman has a pro model like a 520 or something like that?????? Then you also have all the vintage trumpet from Holton,Conn,Selmer,Besson,Cortious(sp),Olds,Getzen,Buescher etc......... THe trick though is to play as many pro horns as you can lay your hands on to see what you sound good on and to make a list once you have this list you can search high and low in real world and online looking for those deals. If you are not going to march with it then you can also not worry about it being silver which again opens up the market much wider especialy on the vintage side of things.

    If you are dealing in the real world always take cash with you and always hold a little back from the main roll of money. Learn how to get the guy talking see if you can get him to agree with you on two or three no brainer tings like the weather or what ever and then let him do the talking. Find a few flaw's inthe trumpet but do not make a huge deal about and then move on. Play it and then say somethign like I like they she play's too bad she has so many small dings in her and then start playing again do not give a chance to coment. Take it away from your mouth and try to make him an offer a say $200 less then he is asking. Count your cash in front of him. See if will come down to you some. The sight of cash can be a real motivator if the person is selling it because they need money. If a friend goes with you have him hold that other two hundred. He will probably want to make you a counter offer so be ready for it and do not just jump at it. Make it soound like you just cant do it. If you want it talk to your friend at this point and ask him you can borrow the extera hundred etc..... Take you new ax home and love it and wash it up. THe above is super simple once you can pull that off you can move on to much more risky buyuing tactics but the above is almost full proof and is easy to pull off. The more the person wants the more you hold back so they will work you up. If they will not budge leave your business card with them and tell them to call you if they decide they still want to sell it and that maybe you can work something out. You have to willing to walk away though or the entire plan will just fold and fall apart. 8 out 10 times they will call you back within 3 days or less. You can always go back the 24 hours latter if you decide you just have to have.

    I have bought all my new car's and truck with a simalar approach one truck I got was stickered at $39,000 I got it for under $25,000 and one car was stickered at $24K and I got for $17K so it does work. It helps that I have worked in sales before so I know all the games and how to play them but the most inportant advice in the real world is to hide your emotions! It has to be just another trumpet or you are theirs for the takeing!
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    Nov 5, 2008
  7. TrentAustin

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    Thanks for the kind words, folks. I just sold the Bach on ebay (for $900... had to list higher to cover the ever-rising ebay costs).

    The Radial that Veery has is a great trumpet and great deal for anyone. I miss that one but have found "true love" in my Sterling 43. At least for the near future :)


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