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    Supposedly only eight craftsmen moved to Abilene in 1971...then they mention the same when production transferred to Eastlake, but also the [completely true] fact that the craftsmen there were already building great horns...

    Quality of 1990 Conn 88Hs

    Plus, I finally found out who one of the [few] who moved to Abilene from Elkhart was - Charlie Rogers. The article preview is horrendously written, but the bit that Rogers was one of the few Conn veterans who helped with the transition is discernible.

    Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas · Page 2
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    I would like an Abilene horn just because i was born there. What years were they made there?
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    Good thing you weren't born in India....

    Nothing against Indians, but their horns stink and that's a weird reason to buy a horn.

    Regarding the Abeline horns, I've worked on many of them. I haven't seen big quality issues on trumpets or trombones. I have seen the issues on French horns. I've worked on many conn 8ds, horns which I generally love. I've seen two Abeline horns with poor, sloppy rotor valves and just like with trumpets, poor valves kills the whole horn.
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    Cool fact - the horns to look for were made between 1972 and 1986.

    R-prefix serial numbers [1972]
    two-letter prefix serials, usually Gx...... and Hx....... [mid 1970s-early 1980s]
    S-prefix serials [~1981-1986]
    and some six-digit numbers in large font [not the small font used on Elkhart six-digit serials]

    Connstellations in this era say "USA" on the bell, and the 1980s ones have Amado keys and six-digit serials like I mentioned above
    the very earliest ones said Abilene, Texas U. S. A. but they are rare
    [the UMI Eastlake Connstellations have USA on the 2nd valve case]

    Models exclusive to Abilene era:
    16A/B [Director] student cornets/trumpets
    61B Super Connstellation pro trumpets
    Severinsen Series SS1-4 pro trumpets
    Century trumpets/cornets 78A/78B
    brass 18A/B Director student cornets/trumpets [not the Coprion Elkhart horns]
    and several models continued from Elkhart and several models made into Eastlake

    Fair warning - the quality control during the Abilene period wasn't always the best, so two examples of a given model may be dissimilar. However, I have played some great Abilene horns, too.

    If you find any you are interested in purchasing, just tell me the info/send photos and I'll confirm it [don't worry, I won't try to buy it myself; I have too many horns]

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