Conn Director Model Number??

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  1. zappamusic2010

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    Oct 4, 2010
    Hi folks

    I've recently purchased a Conn Director (in OK condition) for $80/£50 which i'm quite pleased with ...

    I obviously know the model name, as it states Conn, has the marching soldiers and the shooting stars stamp etc on the bell. The leadpipe states 'Director'

    However, what I am struggling with is what model number this instrument is. It's the first time i've owned a Conn and I thought they had the model numbers stamped on the leadpipe? This one just states the model name ...

    I've tried to do my own research which has led me to the following conclusions.

    Serial number is HXXXXX which means the year is 1966

    Conn director model numbers are ...

    - 14B & 18B but were discontinued in 1960?

    So is the one I have 15B or 17B?

    Thanks :thumbsup:
  2. connloyalist

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    May 1, 2006
    Yes, Hxxxxx (H followed by 5 digits) is 1966, although low H numbers are late 1965. Without looking at the serial number list, something along the lines of anything lower than H3xxxx or so is 1965.

    Yes, that would be either a 15B or a 17B Director. The difference is in the bell: a 15B has a standard brass bell, the 17B has a coprion bell. Basically, the 15B's bell is yellow, the 17B's bell is red. (I am told by a color blind flugel player I know that he can't tell the difference in color between his copper bell Kanstul and a standard brass bell flugel).

    Conn stopped stamping model numbers under the leadpipe around 1955. After that they used model names engraved on either the leadpipe (usually) or the bell (some models).

    Regards, Christine
  3. zappamusic2010

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    Oct 4, 2010
    Looks like I have a 15B ...

    Thanks Christine

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