Conn Vintage 1 Bb Owners - Why Is This Your GEM ?

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    May 9, 2012
    To All Conn Vintage 1 Owners - What Attributes Does It Musically Project [ In Your Opinion ] Over ALL Others ? :D

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    This is a wide area to cover. I have played the Conn V1 in the following set up. Model is a 1BR with a #46 leadpipe and the D-shape tuning slide and heavy bottom caps. The horn is beautiful just looking at it and it plays very nicely. Has a nice warm tone in the mid register but it's not dark. It brightens up really nicely in the upper register and feels pretty open too. I do not own this horn but I do have access to it whenever I want. Not sure how true this is and where I could cite this from, but I recall someone mentioning that the Conn Vintage One is basically a King with straight bracings like the old Conn's. It really does feel and play a lot like my Super 20 S2. I wonder if the 1BS (sterling silver) plays like the Super 20 Silver Sonic? Hmmmm....

    Anyways, if you own one of these. It's a realy good horn and I have no bad remarks on it. Not sure how good the quality and reliability on these are since I have heard mixed opinions.

    Musical attributes:
    -Good response
    -great tone
    -very flexible (if using the curved tuning slide)
    -Well centered tone (using te D-slide)
    -Personally, I really like the rings in the 1st and 3rd slides.

    Last of all. I would like to know if you own one and what are your opinions?????

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