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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by alant, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Okay guys many thanks for all your help. now stage two[​IMG] if i put a flugel mouthpiece in my cornet (thirty year old Getzen Capri which Getzen have confirmed is a Bb) it plays centered (ie the mouthpiece only just goes in and therefore makes the cornet that bit longer). However if i put my Bach cornet mouthpiece in (1&1/2 C) and pull the tuning slide out 25 mm ( one inch) it is in tune. The question is.. is 25 mm too long indicating that perhaps thirty years ago cornet mouthpieces were slightly different in length?

    Many thanks for all the previous replies.
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    There was quite a bit of variance in cornet mouthpiece shank sizes and lengths back in the "old days", but a 30 year old cornet would have been made in 1981. Everything was pretty standardized with cornet mouthpieces before that time, and high pitch instruments (in the U.S.) were gone waaaay before that. I regularly play a 50 year old cornet that modern mouthpieces fit and perform perfectly in. Your Getzen, if not altered, should be the same.

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