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Discussion in 'Trumpet Repair and Modification' started by BrassBandMajor, Jun 28, 2015.

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    It appears you may be unclear on the intended uses of a cornet. But since it's just a student-model Yamahonker, try duct tape. It's more reversible than JB Weld. If that's not enough, there's always baling wire.
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    Sorry, I forgot to include the video.
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    First, to the OP's original question. In addition to duct and Cello-tape. I have also used aluminium tape. You do not want to use a method that makes a real repairman's job harder in the end. It's kind of like non-destructive BDAR (Battle Damage Assessment and Repair). It appears like you have muffed this one and will most likely have to send it to a shop. To the all of you who say, "Gadzooks you fool, you should have taken it to a good shop!", well I can bet that you have never been to some hell-hole like Clark's Point AK, Baghdad, Kandahar or Al-Asad AB (or rural America for that matter) with only one horn and have to blow taps at a memorial service in 24 hours. Most of this earth doesn't have access to competent techs. Those of us who have spent a lot of time in the weeds learn to fix our own stuff or it will stay broken. This applies to machinery, weapons, and even fingers and toes. I have learned a lot from working on my own horns. I acquired my experience working on junkers and in situations where I didn't have a very picky audience. The biggest lesson that I have learned is what I CAN DO and what I CANNOT DO. There are certain times when the only solution, even in the sticks, is to send it to a shop. Then again I have never spent over $300 on a horn and as you can see from my sig. I have a few, most of which required a little work on my part.

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