Crackling collection of spit

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by johnMak, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Dec 1, 2008
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    I opened my page here at TM and it tells me I have not posted in several weeks. I've been here and used the search feature to look up the spit problems and I'm going thru the list of posts and have found only one so far that relates to the search parameters.

    It is mentioned from others on site not to ask the repetative questions that have been answered thru the years on TM. So I have learned to use the search... but I find spending much time reading a post that has nothing or little to answer my question...

    I practice and I hear the crackle of spit in the horn. I use the spit valves to clear what I can...and halfway into the next line I play, the crackle is back. Oh its frustrating! I take out the second valve slide and blow into the horn too. but does that DO IT? not really... :-(

    I hope I'm not too rude in bringing this question to the table again after all these years of being asked from other members. Or what is the search parameters I need to find my question in the search?
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    Apr 10, 2008
  3. johnMak

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    Dec 1, 2008
    Ridgecrest CA
    I tryed something simular but not sideways, counterclockwise etc...

    let me try this.

    Thanks for the information. We have talent night next Sunday evening at church and I want to try to play something, but not if I'm still making the crackling noises.
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    On my trumpet the water key gets plugged when the trumpet needs to be washed.

    There is water in there.
    You could take the slides out and push one valve at a time and blow.
    Maybe take out the mouthpiece when you blow.

    Make sure the whole hole is open on the water key and empty often.
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    First, make sure the "crackle" is there on all the tones. If it shows up only with certain fingerings, the valve slides are the culprit. (My trumpet professor told me that sometimes water collects in the first valve slide, so he advised me to remove it and blow through the horn with the first valve depressed. He laughed when I blew spit all over myself!)

    If it crackles on all tones, make sure the opening of the water key is at the lowest point of the instrument, and blow gently.

    Doc had perhaps the best sollution: he would blow through the horn like crazy and move the valves up and down. Check out the water spots on the inside of his bell in photos.

    Good luck!

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