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  1. mystrumpet

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    Nov 25, 2007
    Twin Cities, Minnesota

    I've searched this on the site, but haven't really been able to find to much on the subject.

    I've been looking around on craigslist, and I've found some good deals here and there. I'm very cautious though, getting ripped off isn't something I want to have happen.

    What kinds of questions do you guys ask to make sure you're getting the real deal? Is Paypal always %100 guaranteed to save you?


    Dan Peterson
  2. Brekelefuw

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    Mar 21, 2006
    I never do any shipping on Craigslist. When I buy a horn from there I always give it a thorough play test and inspection.
  3. bagmangood

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    Craigslist itself suggests that you don't ship, whether you are buying or not,
    I wouldn't try to buy a horn off craiglist that I couldn't try
  4. Darthsunshine

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    Jul 19, 2008
    Seattle, WA
    I agree with those who would never do shipping on a Craigslist transaction. When I buy off of Craigslist I arrange to meet someplace public, like a Starbucks. If possible, I bring a friend with me. I insist on examining the horn thoroughly before deciding whether to buy. You should bring your mp, so you can play it if it's playable (I sometimes buy older cornets that are not necessarily in playing condition when I get them). I always pay cash, which I keep in my pocket, so I don't have to pull out my wallet during the transaction. Craigslist can be fine, but there are predators out there, so beware. We had an episode out here in Seattle last week where a mother and son were responding to a Craigslist ad. When they went to meet-up for the transaction it turned out to be a fake ad, and the guy whacked them with a hammer and tried to rob them. Yikes!

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