Crown Royal bag size?

Discussion in 'Mouthpieces / Mutes / Other' started by chef8489, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. J. Jericho

    J. Jericho Fortissimo User

    Mar 16, 2011
    :worthy: What would you call the second bag?
  2. Pinstriper

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    Nov 26, 2013
    I use different colored CR bags to protect my mutes in their case. Purple for Straight Mute, Tan for Cup Mute (the Reserve bottle is taller and the bag is wedge shaped), Black for Bucket Mute, Grey for Harmon (I forget this whiskey but it was GOOD).

    All of these - standard, Black, Reserve, and um....the other one....were very good, in the ways Patrick describes, which I think of as somewhere between "Sippin' Whiskey" and "Too Much Whiskey". TMW is for times when you need just exactly that. Another way to look at it is that CR is good enough to serve without embarrassment to company that isn't particularly special, and cheap enough that you don't feel bad serving it to them, and functional enough so that you can endure the ordeal if you don't like them but are forced to be polite in the interests of domestic tranquility (ie. your wife's girlfriend's husband, who has the personality of a wet dishrag but you have to pretend to tollerate).

    I stay away from the "flavored" whiskeys, such as Apple, Maple, and whatever else, although those would presumably have additional colors that would help with my OCD*. I was gifted the Maple once, and it was truly dreadful. I expect even less from the Apple. I regifted the Maple, already opened, to someone for whom I felt no fondness. This is known as a "win-win".

    * "Help" being defined as "reinforce and amplify".
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  3. chef8489

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    Aug 8, 2011
    Asheville nc
    Its an insulated tote bag. You can find them on ebay fora around 20.00.
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  4. operagost

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    Jan 25, 2009
    Spring City, PA, USA
    Of course, you can buy drawstring felt bags on ebay if you're not stuck on the Crown Royal vibe. You can even get them in purple, if you want your trumpet stand to look authentic from a distance...
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  5. J. Jericho

    J. Jericho Fortissimo User

    Mar 16, 2011
    Thanks! I'll look into that, too.
  6. LaTrompeta

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    May 3, 2015
    Was Utah
    It has to fit your bell...can't think of any other "size" than that.
  7. OldKing

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    Aug 20, 2016
    NW of San Antonio
    'Hunting buddy provides me with all the Crown bags I could ever possibly need. I worry terribly about him.

    Blanton's comes in a nice brown bag. I like the different colors for different mutes system.
  8. Dale Proctor

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    Jul 20, 2006
    Heart of Dixie
    I use one over my bell occasionally in church when accompanying a choir piece, but I stragegically place the logo out of sight...;-)

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