Custom Mouthpiece Design written by Karl Hammond of Schilke

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    Schilke Custom Mouthpieces by Karl Hammond

    When I was at TMEA I had to pleasure and honor of meeting Karl Hammond from Schilke Music in person. Mr. Hammond is the custom mouthpiece creator for Schilke and has worked for them since 1993. I have spoken with him in the past as he has produced 3 custom mouthpieces for me. Being able to sit there and speak with him in person was very interesting as I have always been amazed by craftsman that can create masterpieces with their hands. Mr. Hammond’s latest creation is the Schilke Symphony Series mouthpieces.

    I was given a custom mouthpiece pamphlet which was written by him. The read was rather interesting. It cleared up several things for me that I had misconceived all this time and so I have decided to type this up and share it with you:


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