WTS: Custom Taylor Chicago 46 V R, FLAME bell!

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    May 23, 2007
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    SOLD !I have to sell this amazing trumpet. Built in 2011 with a red brass bell and a custom air brush flame design with the Taylor Logo on the side of the bell. Andy Taylor built 3 flame bell horns and only one with the Taylor Logo. He took it to several trade shows so you know there was more than the usual superb craftsmanship done on this beauty.

    The condition is pretty much as it left the shop! Set up on La Tromba T 2 valve oil for an excellent feel and response. NO dents, dings or scratches, simply superb lightly used condition.

    You can email me for pictures at [email protected]

    It will be shipped in a good condition Xeno case, old style from Ontario Canada.

    Price is 3800.00 US dollars.

    Anyone in the Toronto area would be welcome to drive to Lindsay and check it out.

    The blow is very open for a ML .460 bore. I would say, similar to a 72 Strad in blow and timbre.

    The valves are Carol Brass and extra tight fit. Slides are superb, set up on Hetman 5.

    Plays like a good Bach on steroids! This is an all around horn, very rich sound with impeccable intonation and response. Go to the Taylor website and click on Chicago VR trumpets. There are some excellent youtube recordings of this model horn.

    Timbre is very versatile depending on mouthpiece selection.

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