CUT LIP 5 stitches just removed - How to recover - When and how to play ?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by X3Lb, May 2, 2012.

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    Well, get yourself back together again! Good luck!!
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    While aloe and vitamin E might help the appearance of the scar on the skin, the issue for you is more likely to be the deep scar tissues, and nothing applied to the skin is going to change the deeper tissues. It takes about 5 days for well closed scars to reach 80% strength, but 6 weeks or longer to mature fully. I think it should be OK to start with low long tones as soon as it doesn't hurt to play. Maybe also use the opportunity to work on the lower parts of Clark studies. I would not start going for any range for a month or so - for the same reason surgeons tell people not to lift anything heavy for 6 weeks after surgery.

    Doctor by day...trumpet player by night (and weekends)
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    Thanks. krmanning.

    Due you see any problem to the massaging of the scar at this point using Aloe and /or Vit E ?.

    If not, would you advocate working parallel to the scar or 90 degrees across the scar?

    Thanks for your input.

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    A Doctor......thanks for the warning.....
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    Ten years ago, I had plastic surgery to remove a hemangioma from the right side of the cupid's bow on my upper lip. It was deep inside my lip (every time I smiled, it would cut loose and bleed all over my mouth and chin...I should have waited until after Halloween for surgery!) at the edge of my buzzing area with scar tissue but it has not been a problem for me, just an adjustment. Don't let it stop you or slow you down! Again Rowuk is dead on...
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    If there is enough scar tissue deep in the lip to effect your playing, then massage can be a good way to soften it back up. But I would wait for at least a couple more weeks before trying it. And it takes some serious massage done every day to make a difference. I usually advise going parallel to the scar. But wait a few more weeks.
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    Sorry for replying to this post so late. I have two suggestions for you, not about what or how to play through this current situation, but more about the healing process and how to help it along. There are two products you can use, they have no adverse effects at all. Both are natural and effective. Vitamin E oil (aka. wheat germ oil), which is good for healing scar tissue and comfrey which is great for the same. Comfrey has been used throughout the ages (it was called 'Boneset' in the middle ages) as a way to speed the healing of broken bones and damaged tissue. I have a friend who used it very successfuly to heal his hand after he managed to nearly cut some fingers off with a sickle! He used the leaves of the comfrey plant mashed up into a poultice. I would think you could also get it as some kind of suppliment from a healthfood store, if you were unable to get hold of the plant. Plenty of info about both on the net should you wish to try them. Good luck, hope your patience holds out!!!!
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    Just for encouragement, two great players who had scars on their upper lip. Rafael Mendez and Adolf Herseth. While it did take some time to recover they came back stronger than ever.

    The best advice as has been said, start really, really slow. It's not just about the scar but the total injury. Your body remembers the injury. You should never play if there is even a little numbness. You will just compensate for the lack of feeling with more pressure.

    When you start back you just need some easy chop time. Play for 10 minutes and stop. Rest a LONG time. Repeat again and stop. don't play any more that day. Do this for the first week or longer. Listen to your body. It will let you know when it's stronger. Don't push things. We are so bad at pushing through an injury and end up worst off than before. Patience, patience, patience. The material you pick can be very important. I would look for some really easy songs like a beginner would play. Why songs becuase it will get you thinging musically rather than just exercises. It'll be more fun, you know a spoon full of sugar etc. If you have trouble finding easy songs, I have some I can send you copies of. Unfortunately the book is out of print or you could by one.
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    FEEDBACK - STITCHES REMOVED 1 WEEK AGO - For what its worth I hope this may be of some benefit to the next member who suffers a similar accident.

    Thanks once again Guys for your valued advice and support.

    Just a brief feedback from the accident period and also since stitches were removed.

    My buzzing area was about 11mm from the cut, but in the period after the accident and the stitching, I noticed that apart from the swollen lip, the body itself was assessing what tissue needed regrowing. It was strange to watch the gradual change of colour in the buzzing area of the lip over the next 3 days, it changed progressively from pink to white in a circular area of about 8mm. A few days after, this white area was dead skin and came off - just like a blister would - so somehow the body thought this area of skin was not correct and made it regrow ?? So the top lip now has to regrow and reform its buzzing area.

    The day after the stitches came out I started trying a quiet blow, but found the top area of the cup rim sitting on top of the scar causing the rim to tilt forwards. By gently pressing on the scar, it flattened it out, and it ceased to bother me while I was playing. I managed to blow at "p" from low G to F in the stave. I have repeated this with small variations, following the kind advice from you guys, for 2 X 7 mins for the last 5 days.

    Today I called to see our MD and we had 2 X 12 min short sessions of light exercises , improving the tone again and taking the range to Bb. This has proved not to be excessive and within the comfort zone and not creating any swelling. :-) I will report back in a fortnight.
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