Damnation of Faust - Hungarian March Berlioz

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    Nov 28, 2008
    I was just listening to a recording of my concert, and it sounded pretty good, but I noticed that I was sometimes just a fraction behind the orchestra :-(. It wasn't really that noticeable, but I thought I was perfectly on. I mean, I was watching the conductor and everything!!! Could it be just that the distance between the audience (recording machine) and the rest of the orchestra and me is different? The sound may not be getting there as fast? I think I remember my instructor talking to me about something this. If so, do I play a little bit ahead of the conductor or what? How do I fix this... All comments would be appreciated, Thanks, HSO

    Sorry everyone, I posted an identical thread, my browser said that I lost connection so I wasn't sure that I had posted, that's the reason that I had two...
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