Danny Harper Lesson

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    May 16, 2011
    He started me off with mouthpiece buzzing and told me to do it everyday "no matter what if you have to be in your car but you wanna have the windows rolled up so people won't think you're insane." We also did the paper test where he had me take a sheet of paper and with my thumb and index hold it to a wall (he demonstrated it before then telling me to try and I was pretty good), then let my fingers go and while blowing see if my air power could sustain it. He told me that I have the air I just need to know how to utilize it properly, he shared with me I have a good embouchure (which surprised me as I haven't picked up my trumpet in months and I play with a wet embouchure) and (to which he said "I ain't pulling your leg" before his statement) that I have a nice clear tone in the lower register as in "I have a nice low C" to which he said afterwards "but you want to be able to play all over the horn i.e. lower middle and upper registers." He later demonstrated playing his Bach with a Yamaha Silent Brass and it sounded awesome and once he did that he then took his mouthpiece and put it in my Getzen and demonstrated playing each scale and he made it sing! He also went to the piano and asked me "can you sing?" to which I said "a little bit" and he found F on the piano and I sung to it to which he said "nice pitch as you have a little natural falsetto thing going on" then buzzed to it. I brought a journal with me and took a lot of notes and recorded the lesson with my digital camcorder.

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