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  1. lostbot

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    Nov 24, 2005
    my son plays a bach bundy in high school. he is going to college in o6. one of his buddys has a darby trumpet for sale for $350. is this agood qualitiy trumpet? he sounds good on it but he sounds good on the bundy.
  2. uatrmpt

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    Nov 29, 2003
    Darby designed these horns as an alternative to the Bach Stradivarius for students who may not be able to afford a good quality horn, but need to get off of a student horn. Mr. Darby spent time at Olds and Selmer and has been in business for himself for 50 years. Not to mention, he used to be a great lead trumpet player. New, the Darby horns sell for about $875, so you're getting a great deal at your price.

    I've had a chance to play the Darby horn and would consider it for myself if I were ever in the market for a new horn. In the future, when I start teaching, I am going to recommend these horns for my trumpet students who wish to get off their student models but really don't need to (or can't) drop the cash on a Bach or Yamaha. You can rest assured that before that trumpet left Capitol Music, Mr. Darby himself took a blow on it, and it wouldn't have left if it wasn't right. You don't stay in business as a private business man for 50 years unless you're doing it right.

    I was fortunate to get to spend about an hour and a half a couple of weeks ago with Mr. Darby after-hours at his shop while he worked on my trumpet. This was after he had been out doing service calls all day. If you've never seen a 76 year old man in a suit and tie take a torch to your horn, you really should!

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    Oct 24, 2003
    Scottsdale, AZ.
    Very interesting, we may check this out. Many of my students buy Bach's from Dillons used, but this price makes this interesting.

    If I guessed Zig makes this trumpet, would I be correct?
  4. uatrmpt

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    Nov 29, 2003
    Actually, they're made by Blessing, which surprised me given the quality of the horns.

    Capitol Music has just started their website within the past year. I asked Mr. Darby why they don't do web sales and he responded that he prefered the one-on-one interaction with the customer.

    You should give Mr. Darby a call. One benefit about buying "over the internet" is that you can avoid sales tax. If you go into his store in Montgomery, AL, you'll get hit with a 10% sales tax! That was the first time I had heard of a place having 10%.

    He might be an old guy, but he's got a firm grasp on the current state of the music industry. He showed me one saxophone that he had built that is a copy of a Selmer Paris with additional features (and was much, much heavier than the Yamaha student saxes we used in WW Methods) that only cost him $198 to have it made. The music store that survives is the one that comes up with its own house brand to compete with Wal-Mart/Costco/Sam's/etc. for the entry level business.
  5. trptbenge

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    Jan 15, 2004

    The horn is made for Mr. Darby by Blessing. I have tried it several times in my trips down to Capitol Music and it is a nice horn and a great value.


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