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    Nov 10, 2003
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    Just had the extreme pleasure to see/hear Dave Holland live in Nurnburg with his quintet:

    Dave Holland (Bass)
    Steve Nelson (Vibes)
    Chris Potter (Tenor and Soprano Sax)
    Robin Eubanks (Trombone)
    Nate Smith (Drums)

    Not much more I can say than, "Amazing." They played for an hour and a half after the Milan Svoboda "Contra-Alto" big band (a band from Czech that blew everyone's socks off!!!). After that hour and a half, my ears needed a break... The music was so intense, I was emotionally and physically drained. I love that feeling. Anyways... They played one "older piece" (off there last album, "Extended Play"), but the rest was new music. It's so great to hear/see a band that has their communication down.

    After the concert, my friend and I snuck backstage to talk with Dave and the band. Before Dave came out of the dressing room, I asked his wife if it would be possible for him to sign the little leaflet of the band that was handed out for the concert. I told her that I was leaving for Iraq in a couple of weeks (with the military), and that myself and a couple of the guys downrange were big fans of Dave's, and that it would mean a lot if he could sign it for us. She told me to hold on a minute, left, and came back with two CD's. Dave and Chris (Potter) came out and signed both CD's, "With Love and Respect to All of You in Iraq." We chatted for a minute or two (mostly me thanking them and Dave's wife profusely). It's so nice to have someone from the artistic community support the troops.

    And yes, I will be donating these two CD's to the band "listening library" downrange for all to enjoy.


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