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    As there seems to be nowhere on TM for discussion of various literature outside the orchestral genre, I will post this here.

    I thought you might like to know that Denis Wick (yes, him of mouthpiece and mute fame - not to mention 30+ years of being principal trombone in the London Symphony Orchestra - something that is often forgotten about this guy) has finally got his website up and running, where you can purchase many brass ensemble arrangements.
    I have played through a number of these and can vouch for the worth of them - they are definitely good additions to your library.
    My favourite is the 10-piece arrangement of Shepherd's Hey, by Denis himself. It works fantastically as an encore and has a piccolo part that is great fun to play. It is even more fun when you "adjust" the last line so that it ascends to high C, in the manner that Mike Laird used to, when they did this arrangement with the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble :D

    Anyway, the website is and I am sure you will find some interesting stuff there.

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