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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Bruce Lee, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. tpter1

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    Jan 12, 2005
    Northern New York
    Sounds like a blast...

    Wish I weren't so far away.
  2. TrentAustin

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Boston, MA
    I'm very sorry that Alex can't attend. I know first hand what it's like to have to juggle crazy schedules as a performing musician. I do know that I'm very flattered to be filling in as my role of "super sub" and professional trumpet fest attendee :). I'm in three fests in three consecutive weekends (Dallas 10/20, Denver 10/28, Wisconsin 11/4). Anyone have any ideas about 11/12?

    I'm working on some very interesting music for the recitals (including a premiere of two new pieces I've wrote just for this fest). I'm also fine tuning the masterclass materials as well.

    I'll also have some Eclipse horns to better augment the contigent out there and of course CD's.

    Can't wait for the 20th! I'll be seeing you all then!

  3. Reverend

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    Nov 9, 2003
    Greater Houston area
    Just to continue to whet everyone's appetite for the DFW Trumpetfest, the following is a list of trumpets that I "hope" (subject to a few variables) to have available at the show! They are:

    Stage 1 New York
    Stage 1 New York Light
    Stage 1 Model H
    Stage 1 Model A
    Stage 1 California
    Stage 1 California Light
    Romeo Adaci Referenz
    Fides Symphony
    BSC Allaround

    I don't think that I will be able to make the Friday night festivities, but I am certainly planning on being there on Saturday, with the above mentioned trumpets!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

  4. bilboinsa

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    Jan 24, 2006
    San Antonio, TX
    First time to a Trumpet Fest

    Trent and others:

    I have never been to a Trumpetfest, and I don't want to sound stupid, but what is the protocol? I assume we pay an admission fee, but is it cafeteria-style for whatever clinics we want to attend? Do these clinics include playing? Do we bring our horns to them? Staff paper for any theory clinics?

    If we are looking at horns and mp's to try, do we bring our own for comparing? It makes sense that we would, but I don't want to do something dumb.

    Thanks for any pointers you can give.
  5. Bruce Lee

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    Oct 24, 2003
    Rochester, NY
    bilboinsa, and All,

    A Trumpetfest, such as is being held in DFW, provides many different opportunities for trumpet enthusiasts of all kinds. There will be performing artists to give recitals/concerts/master classes, and dealers who will be exhibiting their trumpets and accessories for you to try.

    As "perpetual students of the trumpet", there is always something to be learned, whether it is performance-related tip, or it is equipment-related. An event of this nature allows us to socialize with other people who share that same interests.

    By all means, bring your trumpets, mouthpieces, etc., so that you can compare what you have with whatever you want to try. If you like to take notes to help you remember tips, please feel free to do just that. Individual clinicians may have materials for you, but that is up to them, if that is how they like to make their presentations. There will be no test at the end of the Trumpetfest, we just want everyone to enjoy themselves!


    PS - For the "Official" announcements, regarding attendance fees (which will be very nominal), building locations at TCU, etc., we will be posting that information very soon. Thank you!
  6. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee Piano User

    Oct 24, 2003
    Rochester, NY
    For any of you who are not on the DFW Trumpetfest mailing list, here is the latest information:

    More info that has already been posted elsewhere:


    Friday, October 20
    7:30PM PepsiCo Recital Hall
    Jon Burgess, coordinator

    Go to the Corner of University and Cantey St., in Fort Worth, and
    listen for double C’s, or follow the people carrying trumpet cases.

    Go to


    and look at the Maps/Directions.

    See y'all there!
  7. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee Piano User

    Oct 24, 2003
    Rochester, NY
    Friday's Schedule

    7:30PM - Trent Austin - TCU's Pepsico Recital Hall

    Saturday's Schedule

    9:00AM - Opening festivities featuring the TCU Trumpet Department
    9:30AM - Clinic with Bruce Lee
    11:00AM - Clinic with Trent Austin
    12:30PM - Clinic with Mike Steinel

    The vendor area will be open from 9:00am until 5:00pm.

    The attendance fee of $15.00 adults/$10.00 students, includes entry into the concert Friday evening, and the clinics and exhibits Saturday. You will also receive a free DFW Trumpet Festival t-shirt.

    You won't want to miss seeing and hearing Eclipse Artist - Trent Austin!

    We will have a great line-up of Eclipse Trumpets, to include:
    Medium Yellow Bb
    Medium Red Bb
    Large Red Bb
    Medium Solar Bell Bb
    Equinox Bb
    Red Brass Flugelhorn
    Medium Yellow C

    The all new "Teatro" Bb Trumpet

    I will be talking about the making of the Teatro on Saturday morning, at 9:30AM.

    I'm looking forward to seeing a GREAT turnout of Texas trumpet players! :D

    See y'all there!
  8. bilboinsa

    bilboinsa Piano User

    Jan 24, 2006
    San Antonio, TX
    I wanted to let everyone know what a great event this was, and how sad it was that more folks did not come out to experience it. The TCU ensemble was top notch--and that arrangement of Holst's "Jupiter" was tremendous. What a great bunch of young trumpeters...if you are in the metroplex, look for their next performance. They are wonderful.

    Bruce Lee gave a fine presentation on how the Teatro came into this world, and brought number 001 with him. He was very knowledgeable (gave the best slotting demo I have ever seen) and it was wonderful to get the ins and outs on venturi, "gaps", and overly efficient Amado keys. I have never played on a prototype before...Thanks, Bruce--it is a great horn indeed.

    Speaking of a great horn, Trent Austin played on several. What a fine performer and host. Trent gave a VERY interactive presentation to his captive audience. Every question asked of him was answered without pretense. Trent appears to be all that's "right" with a professional musician. I am off to get some Caruso'ing right away!

    Last but not least, Mike Steinel just about gave a free private lesson on the basics of jazz trumpet. Mike teaches at my old alma mater, NTSU. (ooops....UNT now--sorry, Mike) It was neat that we were both there at the same time and he knew some of my teachers from way back when. (I'm not saying he is old...only I am ) BTW, UNT will have a summer jazz workshop in June--check out their website for details. Mike was great at letting us in on ways to get that "sound" better.

    Lest we forget, the showroom was full of goodies. My favs were the Eclipse and Stage 1 set-up. Mike brought a stunning brushed silver model Stage 1, and Trent had his brushed gold Eclipse out as well. AND, there was the prototype Teatro by Bruce Lee--as I said above, number 001! What a sweet horn!

    One suggestion to the event mangers--please post a schedule outside the auditorium next time. Not everyone printed one off of this board or the website. Mike's presentation almost slipped under the radar for many folks.

    so.....did I win an Eclipse? How about the Howitzer, errr, Harrelson? Oh well. I hope it gets done again next year--maybe in Austin or even San Antonio? I'll make reservations on the Riverwalk, then we can take over The Landing!
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  9. TrentAustin

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Boston, MA
    wrapping up my thoughts from DFW

    Hey gang!

    I'm finally able to sit down and write for longer than 30 seconds. It's amazing how many emails and phone messages add up when you're out of the office for a few days.

    I really had a great time at the DFW Trumpetfest. I really wanted to thank my bud Bruce for thinking of me and also arranging the travel and lodging for this event. As you know these things are not cheap to arrange and it takes a lot of support from the trumpet community for these events to succeed (more on this later).

    I know that everyone was scrambling as I was a last minute sub for my pal Alex Yates (fellow Eclipse artist) due to her having contractual committments "across the pond". So I really had the option of working up a solo recital (rust rust rust) or we could scramble for a pianist for a duo concert.

    Well Bruce really picked a winner... Julie Bonk (Norah Jones' teacher, how cool is that!) really played so well and we had a WONDERFUL time rehearsing and performing. She really adapted well to my crazy nature and we were really loose for the evening's concert. Thanks Julie for being so flexible and open to really creating wonderful music! That's a big step considering we had never even TALKED before. Yet another reason why I love the intimacy of duo music.

    The concert was held in a wonderful recital hall at TCU and I was really happy to see a bunch of the TCU students attending the concert. I thought to myself "I hope they put their red pencils away"...yeah I stole that line from Bobby Shew The concert went well even though I was extremely tired from the travelling (I had to wake up at 2AM to get to my early flight) and lack of adequate warm-up (ok, I could have corrected that).

    I had wished that the hall was a little fuller and more people could have checked out the concert but was still happy I could share the music with the folks in the audience.

    We then had a bunch of the students jam out on the Eclipse horns (kinda like a pre-exhibit exhibit) in the hall afterwards. These students could play, especially Andrew Fowler who continues to impress. Talk about freaky chops and a desire to work. Look out for him in the future folks... he's working and hungry to succeed (a WONDERFUL thing!).

    Saturday was also a lot of fun. There were lots of vendors with a whole bunch of horns. I got a chance to hear the TCU trumpet ensemble and was really impressed given the fact that I knew that they didn't have a lot of rehearsal time. The opening Plog duet was great (performed by Dr. Burgess and a student). Then they played a few other pieces, two of them arranged by Andrew... excellent job! Obviously Dr. Burgess is doing a GREAT job at TCU and should be acknowledged for his hard work!

    I then ran off to the exhibit hall to man my post at the Eclipse table. The people really dug the Eclipse horns, and especially my new flugel. I can't believe how well it plays too It's my new favorite instrument by FAR!!!! Between Bruce and I we had over 10 horns to play. That's almost as many as we had at the ITG this year. You just can't find that selection in the US (even though I'm working on increasing my inventory of display instruments).

    Bruce and Leigh's Teatro really impressed me as well. I know that horn from ITG but had much more of a chance to play it this weekend. It is a GREAT horn, folks. Great scale, sound, response, and intonation. It's really the best of all worlds. Incredibly smooth Getzen valves, Leigh McKinney's magnificent craftsmanship, and a great sound concept. For anyone out there who's in the market for a world-class horn but might not have enough for the Eclipse, Blackburn, Destino, Laksey, etc price range the collaborative Northern Brass and Eclipse designed Teatro is an EXTREMELY good option.

    I also made it a point to check out the www.AustinWinds.com horns as I just loved their name hehe. I think for the money and for what the horns do they are a great little horn. Their flugel was really nice too! Plus you couldn't find better guys to deal with. They are really excited about their instruments and are I think a VERY welcome addition to the trumpet world.

    www.HornHaven.com was there as well and I stocked up on my ChopSaver (I now have some FINALLY! woo-hoo). They had QUITE a display of horns including some extremely nice Stomvi instruments. Man there are some wonderful options out there in the community. And REALLY nice people like the guys from HornHaven as well!

    NYTC's horns were also represented well and since I know that line from hanging with Felix I didn't have a chance to play them. Michael, it was great to meet you and I do hope we can meet again soon! Two other vendors were also there and I wish I had more time to have checked out their horns.

    I wanted to talk about a lot of things in my clinic later on that day and since I knew Mike Steinel was presenting a great improvisation clinic later I thought it would be good to do a little about how to succeed in today's trumpet freelance world. I played a bit, talked probably too much, and we listened to some Sergei as well. I hope people enjoyed it. I could have talked all day but knew people definitely didn't want to hear that.

    The only drawback I can say is that the organization of this event was pretty lacking. This event had the potential of getting FAR more people into the building given proper media exposure as well as greater local school exposure. Jon Burgess and Bruce (who did not organize this event) went FAR above the call of duty to make this run as smoothly as it did. Simple things like announcing clinicians, water for backstage on my concert Friday, formal schedule handouts for Saturday, proper registration materials would have REALLY gone a long way to increase the professionalism of this event.

    Other than this I truly loved my time in Ft. Worth and really enjoyed seeing the faces of TH/TM/TPIN'ers at the event. I sincerely hope that we can do it again sometime in the future and thank you for allowing me to be a special guest at this event.


  10. Alex Yates

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    Aug 11, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    BRAVO! Trent and Bruce (and everyone involved from TCU). I am happy to hear things went so well. CONGRATULATIONS!

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