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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Bruce Lee, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Reverend

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    Nov 9, 2003
    Greater Houston area

    It was a tremendous pleasure to make your acquaintance as well! I do hope to get you down to the Houston area in the not too distant future - perhaps Bruce and I can work out another Houston Trumpetfest whereby we can get you, and perhaps Nick Drozdoff, down as guest clinicians.

    Anyway, God bless to you and yours my friend!

    (Loved the Two-Toned CD, by the way!!)

    A San Antonio Trumpetfest?? Hmmm...something to think about! I will be at the TMEA this year, so start letting all your friends know - I should have some dynamite trumpets there in February!!!

  2. bilboinsa

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    Jan 24, 2006
    San Antonio, TX

    Your collection was absolutely stunning. I loved the scratch silver Vintage that you had--I think it was the Vintage. What a great horn to own...one day...

    Looking forward to TMEA already! Best show in town.
  3. Bruce Lee

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    Oct 24, 2003
    Rochester, NY
    Events like this are always a success, in that it's all about the people who participate! It was great to see a lot of familiar faces, and to put faces to names... besides our TH usernames. That goes for all of the vendors as well! :cool:

    Trent's recital on Friday night was great, and I hope that those of you who are able to go to Denver's trumpetfest, this weekend, make it a point to hear Trent! As Trent mentioned, his accompanist, Julie Bonk, was a welcome addition to his performance. While there was a bit of scrambling (and, a "touch" of high anxiety), and it wasn't until Thursday morning that I heard from Julie, everything worked out very well. :-)

    Thanks for all of the positive comments, Trent! Yes, I put a good deal of effort into trying to help make certain that everyone who attended, or participated alongside me, received the best treatment possible. How about that Omni? ;-)

    Jon Burgess was a great deal of help, and it's no wonder that the TCU Trumpet Ensemble and Trumpet Department are as good as they are. Thank you so much, Jon! Likewise, Thanks to TCU trumpet student, Andrew Fowler! It's always great to see you and your dad, Andrew.. and, it was a pleasure to meet your mom, too! We should all be so lucky to have that kind of support within our families! :D

    Delivering a talk about "The Making of the Teatro... from Concept to Reality"... was a pleasure, and I really enjoyed the dialogue during that session. Indeed, having Serial Number "1", of the Teatro is quite exciting, and very humbling, at the same time. I guess that there will always be some name confusion between "Leigh" McKinney and Bruce "Lee". That's not a problem. Leigh and I are both very proud of the Teatro trumpet, and we are very happy to share all of the positive comments that we've received... at the DFW Trumpfest, at ITG, and by all of the individuals who have been able to play the Teatro. Thank you all!

    As Trent also mentioned, we had a display of Eclipse products that very closely paralleled what was at ITG. It's great to know that Eclipse continues to be very well received in the US. I can tell you without hesitation that Eclipse is "on fire" in Europe. Please take it upon yourself to find out why, and attend events like the DFW Trumpetfest, and the upcoming Rocky Mountain Trumpetfest, and the Atlanta Trumpetfest!

    "Trumpetfests" will continue in Texas, and around the country. It's very important that we talk to our trumpet playing friends everywhere, and that we take a responsibility for promoting OUR instrument. If you read about a Trumpetfest here on the TH... tell EVERYBODY that you know about them!

    See you in Atlanta?! :cool:


    PS - Yeah, Michael... Houston Trumpetfest! San Antonio... Austin... Denton? Why not! :-)

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