Diet, Supplementation and Trumpet Playing

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Mamba21500, Sep 7, 2013.

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    They forgot to duck?:dontknow:
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    Ahhh Vulgano Brother... Sorry for that wise Quack above... Can you find it in you heart to forgive me?
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    Internal combustion is a major contribution to global warming, but the magma of the earth's core far exceeds the warmth that has been created by all vehicles. The earth is a plasmoid in constant change. Yep, all we blow through our horns is carbon dioxide which is essential to photosynthesis of our greenery and what would we breathe if such didn't emit oxygen and even combustive heat wouldn't be sustained without oxygen. Yeah, use your probiotic and ponder where the excrement and urea ends up in the chain of life and warmth sustenance. Take carbon fuels from the earth and the earth cools IMO. Another take is that decomposition produces heat, but now tell me the decomposition rate of all the steel, concrete and other structures of man's creation. What me worry about it ... the lowest on my agenda as there isn't anything I can do about it. I'm just hanging onto life as long as it exists for me and I've no expectation that will be very much longer. Yep, no one has yet developed a methodology of computing the heat produced by an earthquake or volcano or even considered such as a major factor in global warming. What I read, it was the ice age that did away with the dinosaurs ... during which they had no forage to sustain their lives, other than to become cannibalistic carnivorous and eat each other a consequence only to hasten diminishment of the food supply.
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    Historical note: The USDA Recommended Daily Allowance is intended to prevent diseases of deficiency. They're not optimums.

    I am more sedentary than most because of congenital factors. I say this because the amount of food i would have to eat to meet the RDA is a ridiculous amount for someone who doesn't move so much. So some inexpensive supplementation won't hurt. Also: great frozen north, 5000 IU D3 daily because I live (by choice) in the dark.

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    USRDA was established as the BARE minimums you needed to have in your body to avoid scabbies, scurvy, and other diseases. Those levels weren't set up as a "you should be at this level to be healthy", they were set up as a "you should be at this level to hopefully not get one of these diseases"

    I worked in a health food / vitamin supplement / herbal remedy store for 16 years. Saw many amazing things and learned much.
    Here are a few "lessons" I learned while there...

    1) Everybody is different.... just because YOU can take vitamin XX at 5000 mgs a day, does not mean it will work for me. Each person has to discover their own thresholds for what works in their bodies
    2) Doctors are very well trained and are usually very highly respected, but they are still human and it is called "practicing" medicine. They are going to make a mistake or foul up a prognosis on occasion just like the rest of us mere humans.
    3) the BEST way to stay healthy is to eat right and get exercise and try to have a positive outlook (low stress) --
    4) Genetics will always win out over eating right and getting exercise... if you have a history of heart failure in your family, there is only so much you can do with diet and exercise -- prescription meds and certain supplements / herbs can help.

    I have noticed over the years since I have built up my LIP muscle.. that when I do cut my lip (it happens), it heals super fast.
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    I LOVE the Global Warming Controversy... here are a few facts
    1) in the 70s scientist thought that the earth would get COLDER in the future from pollution
    2) we are in an ICE AGE
    3) we only have about 150 - 200 years worth of temperature data to base all "temperature" conclusions on

    We don't have records for what happened the last time the earth came out of an ice age.
    So what happens when the earth comes OUT of an ICE AGE? The most obvious answer is.. it get's warmer. LOL
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    Paleoclimatology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    JNINWI reminds us that there are different types of trumpet playing. It also sounds like he had much more fun this weekend than I did.

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    Also, it should be noted that, while the health care industry knows an awful lot about disease, it doesn't really know that much about glowing health. There is some arbitrary standard that was established that says, if you are FREE of disease, then you must be in a "state of health". But, what is really healthy??? Just being free of disease? Shirley there must be a higher state of great health that we could aspire to ....

    And, it should also be noted that, from high quality manufacturers, many of these supplements are food based, and most, if not all of them, come without any potential side effects ..... if taken in the quantities recommended. No side effects. Being food based, I consider supplements to be just another part of my food dieat. Of course, most of the pharmaceutical companies' products come with potential side effects, some of them quite alarming. YES, they say, our product will help you with your runny nose during the summer months, but you may develop blood clots in the brain, experience shortness of breath, heart attack or worse. :shock: (I'd prefer the runny nose)


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