differences between C trumpets and Bb trumpets(i have many questions)

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Pedrotrumpeter, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. stumac

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    Oct 19, 2008
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    I have felt that when playing in church with the pipe organ the hamonic structure of the C trumpet sat better than the Bb. One of these winter nights I will do the sums.

    A lot of Orchestral trumpeters use the C, Is it for the same reason? It does make some of the transpositions easier.

    Regards, Stuart.
  2. Vulgano Brother

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    Gunther Schuller commented that the C major chord sounds best for full orchestra, providing the reason for the five-stringed double bass. If you are doing the math, Stuart, factor in the overtones of the rest of the winds, brass and strings in an orchestra as well. :evil:
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    I am also a tenor soloist and I find using my C trumpet to be the best of both worlds.....I love to improvise with my voice in church and as such I find it quite easy to switch from what my ears hear whi9le I am singing to play what my ears hear while I am playing the trumpet!

    That`s good for you Ed!! Any trumpet player worth their salt should be able to transpose on sight!

    I totally agree with Volgano Brother`s comments!!
  4. Pedrotrumpeter

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    Feb 29, 2012
    :D thanks
  5. Pedrotrumpeter

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    Feb 29, 2012
    im trying to play like you tell and works for me, im looking for a mouthpiece thats work for me in my C trpt, thanks for all...
  6. kctrumpeteer

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Most people would just suggest transposing the music and play with your Bb trumpet. I played over Easter and being lazy or I mean lacking time to really practice / transpose a couple of pieces, I borrowed my friends C trumpet and I didn't have any issues playing between parts and going between C and Bb. Although my friend quickly pointed out the needing 1-2 down for the open space E to be more in-tune.

    One thing that I think has helped is also working with a piano for chords, scales, notes, etc. so that you get your 'ear' practice in and have a better tendency to hear what the notes should be combo that with also doing the same on the trumpet.
  7. Dale Proctor

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    Yeah, they are both out of tune, but the C is more out than the Bb. Generally, the higher-pitched (shorter) a trumpet is, the more severe the intonation issues are.

    To the OP, most C trumpets may seem to be a little more stuffy than their Bb counterparts. That is usually compensated for by buying a large bore C trumpet and/or using a larger throat, more open backbore mouthpiece on it to give it more of the same feel as their Bb. After a lengthy mouthpiece safari for the perfect C trumpet mouthpiece, I discovered that my new Bb mouthpiece, a Curry 3C., works best on my C trumpet, too. Not hard to play, and the intonation on the problem notes is much better, too. That goes against the commonly accepted idea, but it works for me, and that's what matters.

    Using a C trumpet in a symphony orchestra does make a lot of transpositions easier, but a C trumpet has a different sound, too, and that sound seems to jive better with classical music.
  8. veery715

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    Bb trumpet is pitched a whole step LOWER than C trumpet- transpose UP a whole step to play C music.
    C trumpet is pitched a whole step HIGHER than Bb trumpet - transpose DOWN a whole step to play Bb music.
  9. JediYoda

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    Nope you are wrong....

    the piano is considered a C instrument...thus any song written for the piano to be played by a Bb trumpet needs to be transposed up one step.....not down a step.....

    In music notation.....a Bb trumpet is a written a step higher than a C trumpet......

    if you are in the key of C for the C trumpet you are in the key of D for the Bb trumpet......
    Key of Eb for the C you are in the key of F for the Bb...etc.....

    How to Transpose Music From C to B Flat (with Pictures) - wikiHow
  10. kcmt01

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    Sep 25, 2009
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    So how is veery wrong? I've been transposing music for Bb trumpet for 43 years, and haven't been wrong yet. Veery is right.

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