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    Go and try and always play the horn that is best for you. Whether that is a student horn, or a vintage pro, or a new pro, can be decided by only one person.


    The wrong instrument can hold up even the best of the best. I once attended a concert where Maurice André played a Scherzer picc someone had talked him into endorsing. Now, a Scherzer picc is a wonderful instrument (I've had one, and played several others), but definitely it was not the instrument for Maurice. On that Scherzer, he sounded like a gorilla with bronchitis. And even though he endorsed the Scherzer picc for several months longer, he never played another concert on it. A week later, I heard him again - on his old Selmer - and he was back to his usual brilliance. So - instruments can work both ways.
    But the only one to decide is YOU. No one else.
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    She speaks from ignorance and, perhaps, jealousy. I wouldn't say anything to her, just go about your business and show up with a new horn.;-)
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    Unless you're going slumming in the 'hood. Or tailing somebody. Etc. Horses for courses, as they say. For marching, and other hazardous duties (parades, bar venues with chicken wire...) I'm reaching for an old Director rather than my irreplaceably unique pro horn with its paper-thin bell.

    That said, at the time I bought the good horn I could not really tell the difference. I did not need that horn then. Later, much later, even I could easily tell the difference. When you can tell the difference, and prefer it (and not just because it's newer or shinier), and you can afford it, and it's an appropriate purchase, only then is it time to upgrade.

    I have a dreadful no-name Chinese pocket trumpet. Beautiful, shiny, nice little hardshell case. Mechanically and acoustically it stinks, and it didn't even come with gloves. If you work hard enough on it, reminiscent of playing a piccolo trumpet well, you can make it sound almost as good as a regular student-grade trumpet. So are they 'the same'? Hah!

    The pro horn might sound better, or it might not without more work on your part. It is likely to be more fragile, and might be harder to play, and unless you're extraordinarily lucky it will cost a lot more. But it will sound better if you're up to it.

    Oh, after all my rambling I forgot to answer the OP directly. It sounds like maybe it is time for an upgrade for you, if the funds are there. But keep the old horn for marching, pep band, etc.
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    Don't bother yourself with this argument, but stay respectful of her even though you disagree. Do what works for you. We cannot not rely on the opinions of others to drive our decisions. If all trumpets were the same, why are there dozens of companies in the trumpet making business?
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    If your horn is beat up it WILL hold you back from advancing.

    If you are a begginer you MAY NOT be able to appreciate a pro horn. Then again you MAY be able to do so...I don't know you :)

    You have to play A LOT of horns to decide. Sure you like Bach, but do you know why? What features of it do you like

    The thing is that you WILL buy another trumpet, and another one and another. And a bounch of mouthpieces, mutes and liters of valve oil.

    But, don't waste your money just because you want a new toy. I did that and I now only play my Yamaha and my piano. I even have a trombone

    If I saved my money I'd probably have the Carol Brass trumpet I want to buy now. :)
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    I honestly could not tell the difference in HS between my Holton Collegiate and a band mates Bach Strad, in fact I thought mine was better because the third slide ring could be adjusted. 20 years later, yes definitely I can tell a difference. That being said I have two cornets and the student model has way better sound, response and feel than the pro model, but the pro model has nicer valve action. If your current horn works then use it, if you want a new horn then find the one you like best, which might be a Getzen 700 which is not a pro model but many pros love them. It's all in your head what you feel you like, not anyone else's likes or wants. Some say you can't do any better than an Olds Ambassador. The audience has no clue what kind of trumpet you have in your hands, but play out of tune and they will notice
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    ..............and then proceed to blow her doors off!!!!!!

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